Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Road Trip - Having Fun With Research #AtoZChallenge2021


Lake Michigan western shoreline - much colder than
Pacific Ocean at Waikiki Beach

If you’re like me, you enjoy the on-scene part of researching a novel.
Rocky trails to caves at Maribel in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.
Talk about eerie! Fits right in with my story.
One year, during a trip to Wisconsin and Massachusetts, I spent most of my waking hours visiting sites, talking to people, driving around gathering information, and taking photographs that would support the story in my latest WIP.
Boiling brats in beer before grilling.
Food was an important part of my research, especially the bohemian kolatches.
It is debatable whether my research had gotten a bit out of hand. I gathered details for three separate projects. Still, even if not everything pans out, the visits with relatives and friends, with discussions over fabulous meals made the hours well-spent.
Silouetted Clouds on the Water - Shoto Lake

For me, Wisconsin and Massachusetts were all about water and food. My research also included such diverse topics as gun cartridges, fishing bait, environmental issues, and taste-testing Friday perch plates at every possible venue.  
The road trip was a research success. I was able to flesh out the stories for two Pepper Bibeau mysteries, Neshoto Junction Homicide and Blood Red Homicide.

You are welcome to check out my Pepper Bibeau mysteries in print and ebook format at Reviews are always welcome.


  1. I had stayed in the US for almost a year working in IT .... It was in Madison, Wisconsin....loved the place and all the natural beauty there

    1. So glad to hear you were able to experience the natural wonders of Wisconsin.
      Thanks for visiting today.

  2. It was clearly an inspirational trip.

  3. I tried to combine research with a vacation to Sanibel Island, Florida one year, but enjoyed relaxing so much that I didn't do one bit of research! LOL

    1. Had I been interested in research at the time, my trip to Sanibel Island would have ended the same as yours, Trudy. Too much to see and do!

  4. Plenty of inspiration to be found there. Looking forward to being able to travel for some story ideas and research soon hopefully.

  5. Nothing beats a fresh lake perch dinner. One of my favorite meals of all time.

    My “R” Tull song of the day is here:

  6. I think researching would be great fun especially when it involves travel and exploring. Weekends In Maine

  7. Road trips are always exciting


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