Saturday, October 22, 2011

CHERRIES JUBILEE Sweet Fun & A Tantalizing Experience

My Cherries Jubilee book blog tour has been great fun and a tantalizing learning experience for me as a writer. Like the branches of a bonsai cherry tree, I have branched out in unusual directions to meet new friends and to expand my field of knowledge.

Why would I use the word "tantalizing" to describe the tour? After all, the word derives from Tantalus, the mythical Greek king who was punished in Hades by having to stand up to his chin in water that receded whenever he bent to drink. That is how I felt during the tour, as though so many wonderful readers and fellow authors were tempting me with something I had only considered a pipe dream . . . the possibility of emerging as a viable writer. With such encouragement, I look forward to fulfilling that goal.

To everyone who interviewed me on their blog sites, to those who offered reviews of my novel, and for those who hosted my guest blog or an excerpt of my book, thank you from the bottom of my writer's grateful heart!

The winners have been announced for the Goodreads book giveaway, of FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences. Congratulations to Barb and Nicky. Thank you to the other (would you believe!) 650 entrants who, by entering the contest, demonstrated their support: of Goodreads and of me.

Also, congratulations to everyone who received a free Smashwords ebook download of my novel during the tour. I hope you find the story an enjoyable and suspenseful read!

May all your days be of CHERRIES JUBILEE quality! Today is my birthday and I am now off to celebrate!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Melanie's Have You Heard Book Review

Today, Melanie places the cherry on top of the sundae for my CHERRIES JUBILEE book blog tour with a review of my novel. Melanie, thank you for reading my book, TWICE yet! and offering your comments.

Please visit Melanie's blog site "Have You Heard Book Review" to read her 5-star review of FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sandra "Jeanz" Author Interview

I met Sandra “Jeanz” Keys on Goodreads ( where readers and authors come together to share their thoughts on books they have read, submit book reviews, and participate in numerous other book-related activities.

When Sandra offered to host an interview of me on her site, I readily accepted. Here is an excerpt from one of her posts on Goodreads:

"On the 18th of October Gail Baugniet will be featured on my blog, there will be an author interview and of course a review of her book "For Every Action There Are Consequences" Don't forget to call by and have a little look!"

Also, Sandra's October book giveaway contest is still open for entries, and my novel is one of the books in the giveaway. Please join me now on Sandra’s site for the interview:

Pepper's Chili and a Book Review by Martha A. Cheves

Today my CHERRIES JUBILEE blog tour takes me to author Martha A. Cheves' site for "Pepper's Chili" recipe and Martha's review of my novel, For Every Action.

Martha A. Cheves is the author of several books, including “Stir, Laugh, Repeat ~ Finding Joy While Playing in the Kitchen.” Martha accompanies her recipes with nostalgic story tie-ins, presents alternate possibilities for her recipes, and offers tips to make cooking easier and quicker. Whether you are looking for a variation on preparing chicken or a delicious novelty dessert, Martha has a suggestion for you.

Please hop on over to Martha's A Book and a Dish:

Saturday, October 15, 2011


The second week of my CHERRIES JUBILEE book blog tour was filled with interviews, book reviews, Haiku poetry, Indie Snippets, and lists of "cherry-picked" e-book titles. My celebration Oct 1-22 is two-fold, for the publication of my novel and for my birthday on October 22, so I am giving away 22 copies of my ebook, FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences at Smashwords:
7 copies for each week of the blog tour (leave a comment for a chance to win) plus
1 copy in Sandra Jeanz October Book Giveaway. Sandra is interviewing me on her site Oct. 18 so please check back here on Tuesday for further information.

Today, fellow blogger and author, Melissa Bradley, is releasing her new book NATHAN'S ANGEL. As Melissa describes her book: "Sometimes, the laws of Heaven were meant to be broken... " Visit Melissa today to congratulate her on the release of her latest novel Nathan’s Angel

Thumbnail Thoughts on 22 Cherry-Picked Titles Part 2

Can you pick a favorite title?

CHERRIES JUBILEE "thumbnail thoughts" for 22 "cherry-picked" e-books, Part 2, features all Kindle e-books; many are by independent/self-published authors. My eclectic choices range from romantic comedy to mystery, thriller to memoir, no erotica. I admit that book titles influenced my selections.

Each entry consists of a book title; author name; an opening line or heading; and ~ in 22 words or less ~ an incentive for choosing the book. After sorting through over 300 e-books with the word cherry or cherries in the title, I eagerly added 22 titles to my e-reader TBR list. I hope you enjoy reading my CHERRIES JUBILEE “thumbnail thoughts” as much as I enjoyed gathering them.

12. CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES by Shelbie Moore This large, diverse collection of addicting poetry captures emotions, hopes, and fears.
Which poem relates to you: Family Recipes; The Joker; For The Dark Knight fans; Cookie Crumbs; Fish Eye; or Chocolate Covered Cherries?

13. CHERRIES ON TOP by Rowan McAllister. Opening line: “Would you like another, sir?”
After ending a relationship with an abusive girlfriend, Craig finds a no-strings-attached date with Doug may become more than a one-night stand.

14. IF LIFE IS A BOWL OF CHERRIES, WHAT AM I DOING IN THE PITS? by Erma Bombeck. Okay, this isn't a new author, but on a list of books with "cherries" in the title, this just had to appear!

15. PITTED CHERRIES by Sophia White. About Zilla: “Kiss my ass was her motto and she welcomed any and everyone to do so.”
A story of three children in rural Hilton Head left vulnerable as their mother, Zilla, struggles to move on with her life.

16. UNDER THE CHERRY BLOSSOM TREE: An Old Japanese Tale by Allen Say. There were eggs in every bird’s nest, the air buzzed with honeybees, and cherry trees blossomed all at once.
He swallowed a cherry pit and soon a cherry tree grew out of his head ~ a witty retelling of a classic tale.

17. CHERRY-GO-ROUND by Lamar McMann. “I just ain’t interested in no traveling orgy circus,” she said.
Cherry is waiting tables and singing country music at the Dew Drop Inn when a hippie group asks her to join them.

18. CHERRY SOURS by Sean Micheal. A great opening line: “He was more gay by intent than practice.”
I am obviously old-fashioned or showing my age ~ never would have guessed that “Cherry Sours” referred to Gummi Bears!

19. BOWL OF CHERRIES: A Novel by Millard Kaufman. The brilliance of a ninety-year old debut novelist; co-creator of Mr. Magoo and twice-nominated for Academy Awards for screenwriting.
Assama, Paradise, a biblical Garden of Eden. Once a wasteland of roaming lions and panthers. Before Saddam.

20. SWEET CHERRY RAY by Marcia Lynn McClure. “You just keep blendin’ in all easy and such-for now-for yer old pa’s sake.”
One of Cherry Ray’s true delights was her dime novels, Oklahoma Jenny and Arizona Bill being her favorite.

21. CHERRIES COBLER - A Novel by JoHannah Reardon. Cherry is pushing 30 and has a bit of a weight problem. After ten years, her plan to find The One is growing a little thin.

22. CHERRIES - A Vietnam War Novel by John Podlaski. Chapter One, line 2: It was 1970, and just outside the compound, hundreds of hippies and former soldiers picketed and protested against the war.
Drafted and trained for five months ~dubbed “Cherries”~ nothing prepared them for the nightmare of the dense Vietnamese jungles.

Which title sounds the most interesting to you?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thumbnail Thoughts on 22 Cherry-Picked Titles Part 1

Can you pick a favorite?

As part of my CHERRIES JUBILEE book blog tour, I am serving up “thumbnail thoughts” on 22 "cherry-picked" e-books: eleven today and eleven more tomorrow. All are Kindle e-books; most are recently published first novels, many are by independent/self-published authors. My eclectic choices range from romantic comedy to mystery, thriller to memoir, no erotica. I admit that book titles disproportionately influenced my selections.

Each entry consists of a book title; author name; an opening line or heading; and ~ in 22 words or less ~ an incentive for choosing the book. After sorting through over 300 e-books with the word cherry or cherries in the title, I eagerly added 22 titles to my e-reader TBR list. I hope you enjoy reading my CHERRIES JUBILEE “thumbnail thoughts” as much as I enjoyed gathering them.

1. THE CHERRY BLOSSOM and THE PARANG by Geoff Anderson. Opening line: A group of tanned children set up a row of rattan rings on stakes and practised with their blowpipes.
Intrigued and challenged by the title, I have chosen to read this book first ~ to learn the meaning of the word parang.

2. WITH A CHERRY ON TOP by Dee Carney. 1st sentence: "A whirling dervish who somehow made the rolled-into-one aroma of peach cobbler, chocolate chip cookies and key lime pie smell good, barged into Emory's office."
Romantic-comedy with a capital C. When plump exec-chef Keira's job is on the chopping block, will she take it lying down ... err ...

3. WHO GAVE ME THE CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES? by John O. Long. Title of Chapter One: "1989 - The baby was planned, but the kitten was not."
Zany stories about a family of 6 growing up in North Carolina; includes cotillion cooties, zucchini Elvis and ice-cold zombies in togas.

4. THE CHERRY TREE by Bob Lockett. 1st sentence: "High up on the moors surrounding the city of Sheffield there is a Cherry Tree."
A story of marital infidelity, corporate boredom, and the power of nature over common sense.

5. SCENT OF CHERRY by Patty Hardin. Opening sentence: "The scent of cherry pipe tobacco drifts through Angela Caot's kitchen as she prepares to paint the walls."
She doesn't smoke, certainly not a pipe. Who is trying to tell her something and what is the message?

6. BENEATH THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS by Kathy Flanary Nelson and Bera Ellis Moss. Opening lines: "It was March. The Weeping Cherry Blossom had begun to sprout new blooms and that is when Brielle's father purchased the plat of land."
Kerry has lost her sister to cancer and becomes obsessed with the afterlife only to find herself existing between earth and heaven.

7. A BOWL OF CHERRIES: A Memoir by Tekla Dennison Miller. Opening line: "When I heard the first explosion, vibrations shot through my body."
A celebration of triumphs despite adversities ranging from suicide, a tragic accident, domestic violence, kidnapping, and poverty.

8. THE CHERRY PIT by Donald Harington. This is not a first-novel but the first on this author’s list. Some of Mr. Harington’s other unique book titles are: Lightning Bug; The Cockroaches of Stay More; Butterfly Weed; and Thirteen Albatrosses.

9. BARE FEET and CHERRY PIE by Cissy Hasell. "Laws matter little ~ when love finds a way.
In Alabama, you are not allowed to drive while barefoot. Worse, in Kansas it's illegal to put ice cream on cherry pie.

10. CHERRY HEAVEN by L.J. Adlington. The narrator describes a difficult lesson, that "you only find out what the Rules are when you break them."
A sequel, ten years after a war, this book was first published in Great Britain in 2007 by Hodder Children's Books.

11. CAN SHE BAKE A CHERRY PIE? by Jaye Watson. No opening sentence needed, the title's question caught my attention. Add to that its genre: A Novel Byte Mystery. Finally, for the cherry on the top: the title page lists the home of Uncial Press as Aloha, Oregon. 'Nuff said.

Which title did you pick as your favorite?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Indie Snippets With Bryan R. Dennis

My CHERRIES JUBILEE blog tour continues through October 22. On Friday and Saturday, I will share two lists of my TBR e-Books. Each of the 22 titles, in keeping with the theme of my tour, has the word “cherry” or “cherries” in the title. Research for the list was a hoot!

Martha A. Cheves, Sandra "Jeanz" Keys, and James Wallace Birch have graciously offered to host author interviews with me next week. Yikes, talk about exposing myself!

Today at Indie Snippets, Bryan R. Dennis is showcasing a "snippet" from my mystery/suspense novel, FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences. There is so much to read at Bryan's site, including other authors' snippets, featured books, and short blurbs of popular posts. Bryan has two novels available on Amazon, one recently released. I enjoy reading stories set in Las Vegas and look forward to reading An Epitaph for Coyote: A Novel. Who could resist such a title?

Visit Indie Snippets by clicking on the blog title above: Indie Snippets With Bryan R. Dennis.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Week #2 of my CHERRIES JUBILEE book blog tour begins today! I met some wonderful new people during the first week and had the opportunity to share 7 copies of my ebook with readers. This week I will give away another 7 Smashwords downloads of FOR EVERY ACTION. If you enjoy a suspenseful mystery, please leave a comment for me here or with Kate at Back of the Books Reviews for a chance to win a copy.

Best 'O Books Reviews by Rae:

Back of the Book Reviews by Kate:

Also this week:
11. Susie Kline book review:

12. Haiku Around the Web
13. Indie Snippets:
14. My TBR list of Indie authors "Cherry" novels ~ Part 1

Sunday, October 9, 2011

When Life Gives You Cherries . . . CELEBRATE !!!

When life gives you cherries, celebrate with a Cherries Jubilee. During my October 1-22, 2011 tour, I am celebrating the publication of my first novel (and my birthday month) by giving away two signed print copies of my book, FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences.

You can sign up through October 22, 2011 for a chance to win a copy by clicking on "Enter to Win" in the Goodreads Book Giveaway button located to the right > > > > > >

Also, everyone who comments on a participating blog in my October tour (see Week #1 links below) becomes eligible to win a free Smashwords eBook download of FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences, available in your choice of multiple formats for your computer or eReader.

In October, I will give away 22 eBook copies of my novel. 7 people have received their copies during the first week already. Within the next two weeks, I will give away 14 more copies of my eBook through Smashwords. And the 22nd free copy is featured on JeanzBookReadNReview blog site for her October eBook giveaway jeanz-october-giveaway .

Gail's CHERRIES JUBILEE Week #1 October 1-8, 2011 Book Blog Tour:

1. Blog Talk Radio interview with Coral Russell at alchemyofscrawl alchemyofscrawl
2. Goodreads contest open through October 22, 2011, for your chance to win a free, signed copy of my mystery novel, FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences: Goodreads Book Giveaway Contest
3. Albert Robbins III interviews me on
4. Guest post on alchemyofscrawl and book review by Coral Russell:
5. A.F. Stewart interviews me on
6. Using Genealogy Research as a Writing Tool: Asymmetrical Branches of a Family Tree
7. A Sweet Way to End a Yom Kippur Fast, with Anthony Stemke:
8. Darcia Helle's "A Great Read" book review of FOR EVERY ACTION and more about Darcia:

Friday, October 7, 2011


"A Great Read" is how Darcia Helle titled her review of my first mystery novel, FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences. This is an excerpt from her review:

Pepper Bibeau is an insurance investigator who unwittingly gets wrapped up in a murder mystery. Set in the sixties, before cell phones and computers took over our existence, Pepper has to do things the old fashioned way - by speaking to people in person and being available for landline phone calls. References are made to the political and social issues of the late sixties but not to the point where younger readers unfamiliar with the era would have difficulty understanding things.

... various subplots woven through the entire story ... all comes together in a well-crafted, tangled mystery.

For Every Action is the first in a planned Pepper Bibeau series. I'm looking forward to the next one!

* * * * * *

Darcia Helle is the author of several mystery novels, including NO JUSTICE (A Michael Sykora novel). The title initially caught my attention because Sykora is the maiden name of my mother's great grandmother. For me, everything relates to genealogy. And, yes, a book's title is an important consideration for the reader.

You can check out the full list of Darcia's books available on
NO JUSTICE by Darcia Helle

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Today for my "Cherries Jubilee" blog tour, I want you to meet a fellow blogger whose fabulous site offers some of the most colorfully illustrated recipes on the Web:
"Grits and Groceries: Anthony Stemke".

Yom Kippur, which begins today at sundown, is the Jewish Day of Atonement. It is considered the holiest and most solemn day on the Jewish calendar. Because this is a fast day, it is appropriate to wish Jewish friends an "Easy Fast."

In September of 2010, Anthony suggested Cherry Sweet Noodle Kugel as a sweet way to break the 25-hour fast of Yom Kippur. Please join Anthony on his Grits and Groceries blog site: Grits and Groceries: Anthony Stemke
and learn how to bake his Cherry Sweet Noodle Kugel. Stay to explore his myriad recipes ranging from Turkey Hash on Earth Day and Chicken Tikka Masala to Real Cool Soup (made with berries.)

Which recipe did you find most appetizing? Comment below for a chance to win a free Smashwords download of my novel, FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Asymmetrical Branches of a Family Tree

The spreading branches and leaves on the limb of a family tree look a bit like this accompanying print of a cherry tree branch. Nothing about a cherry tree's branches or the branches of a family tree are perfectly symmetrical or coordinated.

For over ten years, genealogical research has been an important avocation for me.

Yesterday, in my interview with A.F Stewart (see her blog site: afstewart interviews gailmbaugniet ) I mentioned creating a family of characters for Pepper Bibeau, my novel’s protagonist. This enabled me to develop Pepper’s back-story while providing a full cast of characters to draw from for this and future novels in the series.

Using information from the vital records I had compiled over a ten-year period, I also wrote this short family history for my great, great grandparents who emigrated from French Belgium.


Much has been written of the emigration of Belgian citizens and the hardships they endured to make a better life for their families.

Clement and Augustine had been married for fourteen years and had three young sons when they made the voyage by ship across the Atlantic Ocean in 1856. They left behind many loved ones: relatives, friends, and neighbors. Although Clement’s mother, Elizabeth, had died three years before the journey, his father, Andre, was still alive at the age of 82. Their youngest son, Frederic Joseph, was only eight months old when they sailed out of Antwerp. Before they were able to make a return trip to their homeland, Clement’s father died in 1858 and his sister, Marie Catherine, died in 1861.

Through these difficult times, Clement and Augustine found reasons to rejoice. The boys remained healthy and were able to labor alongside their father on the heavily wooded farmland located near the East Twin River, acreage Clement purchased in a quiet farming town in eastern Wisconsin.

In 1867, Clement and Augustine celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Within ten years, all of their sons were married, their youngest on the final day of 1877. Their celebrations included neighboring farm families who owned land adjacent to or near their homestead. Eventually, most of the neighbors became branches of the family tree as grandchildren married.

When Augustine died in 1890, she was interred in the burial ground behind the local church. Clement died two years later and was buried beside her. Their 17th grandchild, Arthur Thomas, was born the following year, 1893, in the same small town where Clement and Augustine settled decades earlier.

Least we forget the hardships they endured and the opportunities their actions offered to us, their descendents, it is important to record our family’s history. May their memories, along with their hopes and dreams, live in us and continue to inspire the constant striving for betterment imbued in the zealous Belgian spirit.

For pictures and articles about my visit to Belgium in 2007, visit this link: genealogy trip, Belgium, 2007

Not Normal Cocktail Party Talk

The words in the title of this blog post are part of an answer I gave during my interview today with A.F. Stewart at her blog site.

Ms. Stewart is located in Nova Scotia, Canada. She is a writer who likes sci-fi and fantasy, mysteries and history. I am most appreciative that she agreed to hold this interview during my "Cherries Jubilee" blog tour. Please click on her blog site to read how the "cocktail" comment applies to my writing >>>> A.F. Stewart’s blog

If you would like to receive a free Smashwords download of my e-Book novel FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences, please include in your comment below a Jeopardy-style question for my "cocktail" answer.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cherries Jubilee Day 4

There have been many variations on the idea of flambéed fruit, the most famous being Bananas Foster. Ever since the days of visiting my sister and brother-in-law in New Orleans, that has been one of my favorite desserts.
Variations include Mangos Diablo (mangos flambéed in tequila) and Pêches Louis (peaches flamed in whiskey). Now that I live in Hawaii, anything with mango tops my list also.

Coral Russell invited me to guest post at her blog site today. Please join Coral and me at Alchemy of Scrawl: alchemyofscrawl

Please leave a comment below to be entered in a drawing for a free Smashwords download of my Pepper Bibeau mystery, FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Book Blog Tour Interview

Today on my Cherries Jubilee blog tour, I am a guest at Albert Robbins III's terrific Indie Author site.

Please hop over to check out my interview and stay awhile to explore his many great author interviews and book reviews:
Albert Robbins III book tour interview

It is always best to experiment with recipes before passing them along. Last evening I combined the few ingredients for Cherries Jubilee listed in a recipe I found on the Web. Then I set a match to the "jubilee" part. Once the flames died down and I snipped away the singed hair, everyone enjoyed the melted vanilla ice cream with smoked cherries. I plan to use less brandy next time or stick with Cherry Vanilla Haagen Dazs.

Today I am giving away two free Smashwords copies of my e-Book novel, FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences. For a chance to win, please leave a comment about the controversial topic I discussed in the interview at:
Albert Robbins III book tour interview.