Sunday, January 12, 2014


It takes a while for me to compile a list of goals each year. The list isn’t just a Jack Sparrow “guideline” of wishes and hopes and dreams, but of specific plans to accomplish tasks and projects. I need to know where I’m going and how I plan to get there.

There are major goals interspersed with small, quickly accomplished goals on the list, so I don’t get discouraged by lengthy projects that require weeks or months to complete. The lengthy projects are broken down into bite-sized steps, also to keep frustration at a minimum. The purpose is to keep moving forward, even when something seemingly drags me backwards. With an eye always focused on the end results, even when moving backwards I don’t lose sight of that Hawaiian Heritage bracelet.
What does a Hawaiian Heritage bracelet have to do with my 2014 goals? Ah, but everything.
When I decided to write my Pepper Bibeau mystery series, the name I conjured up for my protagonist was Kai-Ena Lehua Bibeau. To cement the name, I purchased a Hawaiian Heritage bracelet with the name “Kai-Ena” scrolled in black on its face. After I published my first novel, FOR EVERY ACTION, I purchased a second Hawaiian Heritage bracelet. One of my favorite flowers, the hibiscus, highlights the band’s design.

One thing that is true of Hawai'i, and of women's fashion, you can never have too many bracelets!
In 2013, after publishing my third Pepper Bibeau mystery, WITH FIERY VENGEANCE, which is set in Hawaii, I wanted to purchase another bracelet. After all, along with 13 other authors, I had also compiled and published MYSTERY IN PARADISE 13 Tales of Suspense in November, 2013. But other goals for 2013 eliminated the possibility.

That means accomplishing my 2014 goals must include such a reward, and therefore becomes a goal within itself. A win-win situation!

You do reward yourself for meeting your goals, don't you, major as well as small or quick accomplishments?