Sunday, September 20, 2015


Everyone needs at least one fellow writer who is also willing to take on the role of first/beta reader; a person who will point out your mistakes, and then give you suggestions on how to fix them. I’ve been lucky to have more than one such person. But one in particular deserves the spotlight. The person who let me know, more than once, when my thought process needed adjusting is author and editor and friend, Laurie Hanan.

Laurie Hanan
Author of Louise Golden mysteries

Today, I am “Paying It Forward” to Laurie with a huge “MAHALO” for her tremendous support and camaraderie. Over the past five years, she has readily answered my many questions and volunteered her time often, without hesitation. In a profession that could easily become more competition than mutual encouragement, Laurie's willingness to help others stands out. 

Does she offer sympathy when I am feeling insecure in my writing? Not! Her advice is more on the order of, “Yup, we’ve all been there. Get over it.” Okay, then. 

Laurie Hanan is the author of the Louise Golden Mysteries set in Hawai‘i. She recently published STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, the fourth novel in the series. On September 24, she will hold a gathering and “talk story” session for this novel. Here is her open invitation:  

You are invited to an evening of drinks (no alcohol!) pupus, and talking story about my latest novel, Stairway to Heaven.
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Thursday September 24, 6:30 - 8 pm

Villages of Kapolei Recreation Center, in the conference room
Excerpts of reviews for STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN:

***** "This novel reads like today's headlines." Goodreads review 

***** "Laurie Hanan’s newest novel, Stairway to Heaven, is an action-packed story that takes her heroine, mail carrier Louise Golden, to new heights of adventure. Great characters make a great story. This one’s a very entertaining read, and I couldn’t put it down." A.K. Gunn, author of If Pigs Could Cry and The Honey Bee 

***** "Hanan adds subtle humor to the mix, making this a quick read, not the light beach kind but the tension-filled fast moving kind that keeps you reading to learn what happens next. Caution: When you climb the Stairway To Heaven, be sure to watch your step." Gail Baugniet, author of the Pepper Bibeau mysteries 

***** "Mild mannered Louise Golden, intrepid mail carrier, is once again pushed into the middle of a mystery almost too bizarre to believe." Greg Field, author if Red Dirt, White Bones  

***** "Laurie Hanan spins the reader forward and ends with a satisfying thump. A really fun, fast-paced, mystery that's made all the more enjoyable by Laurie's knowledge and description of the O'ahu setting." JoAnn Bassett, author of the Pali Moon mysteries
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All of Laurie's books are available at Amazon
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