Friday, April 8, 2011

HAPPY AS A LARK #SundayHaiku

Happy Hibiscus Haiku

Happy as a Lark
Happy-Go-Lucky, Carefree
Happiness is Gold

A major goal of humankind is to be happy. Is it possible for people to set goals that will measure up when they’ve reached their happy place?
Maybe something like, I’ll be happy when I:

A. Accumulate a million dollars.
B. Sell 100,000 novels or 100 residential homes.
C. Drop to 110 lbs.; Fit into a size-10 dress;
D. Get the kids through college.

After all these years, I’ve finally discovered something worth it’s weight in gold. I am happy when I’m writing and firing on all pistons; when the Hawaiian sun is shining; when I find my coffee cup - and the Kona coffee in it is still hot. Little, everyday things that make me smile are always welcome in my happy place.

It is my belief that, as the expression goes: happiness is the journey, not the destination.

What smile-inspiring events reside in your happy place?