Saturday, April 10, 2021

Identical Twins Disclaimer #AtoZChallenge2021

Have you ever included something in a story that didn't quite agree with known facts, then gone to great lengths to prove it could be true? Me neither . . . well, okay, yes.

One of my stories describes identical twins as brother and sister. Impossible! Or is it?

The story required identical twins, and because of transpiring events, I wanted them to be a boy and a girl. When confronted with the impossibility of the situation, I resorted to research on the internet to support my "truth".. (If you read it on the internet, it's true, right?) Also, a fellow author, a surgeon, gave me a plausible explanation on how it is possible.

What I read on the internet, put simply: when one egg is fertilized and splits, you have twins. If one egg is fertilized twice and splits later, this results in what could be considered identical twins even if the twins are of opposite sex. Possible or alternate facts?

Recently I read an author's disclaimer that could benefit many writers. This is me paraphrasing: Some facts in the novel are questionable but my alter ego decided they were beneficial to the story so I made no changes. Works for me.

To rephrase my original question: have you ever admitted to going to great lengths to prove your facts are true, especially if the story is already published?


Friday, April 9, 2021

Hawaiian Haiku #AtoZChallenge2021

Twin hibiscus smile
Queen Kapiolani Park
Sunshine lights their face

The Hawaiian alphabet consists of only 12 letters: a,e,h,i,k,l,m,n,o,p,u, and w; so lots of words in the Hawaiian language begin with the letter "h". Because this is Friday, and automatically #AlohaFriday, I wanted to choose a Hawaiian word but the sheer volume made this difficult. 

My understanding is that when Bill Gates needs a difficult task completed quickly, he hires a lazy person because a lazy person will figure out how to do the task quickly. (That kind of thinking is why he has the big bucks!)

Being a lazy person myself at times, I decided the quick way to complete my post for "H" day was to write a haiku, 17 words total.

Although I took the photograph many years ago, these twin hibiscus blossoms make me smile every time. #AlohaFriday everyone!