Monday, June 27, 2016

SUMMER GREETINGS of ALOHA and a New Pepper Bibeau #Mystery Novel: BLOOD RED HOMICIDE

Aloha and Greetings of Summer to everyone who has waited so patiently for pleasant weather.
This is a quick newsletter to offer summer greetings, announce my newest Pepper Bibeau mystery, and share a few fun facts.  Enjoy the warm days ahead!


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Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Daughter's Graditude on FATHER'S DAY

September 1945
Dad on leave,
with his three children 

Daniel F. Baugniet served in the military during WWII. Though Daniel never saw combat, he fully realized what was expected of soldiers, and the likelihood of his being shipped to a warfront. His first cousin had joined the Army in 1941, and received the Purple Heart after being seriously wounded.

While my father served in the military, my mother accepted the responsibility of maintaining a normal home life. Once the war ended, Dad arrived home safely. He was prepared once again to support and care for his family, which had increased to four children upon my birth in late 1945.

Dad holding Gail while wading
in the cold water of Lake Michigan
Although soft-spoken, Dad's infectious laughter sent a wave of smiles around the room at any gathering. Throughout his life, he was affectionately known to family and friends as Danny. He was from "the old school" where the salary of a 40-hour a week job was supplemented by part time jobs, and grocery store foods were complemented by wildlife, fresh fish, and home-raised chickens.

His family never experienced hunger, or a lack of desserts. Dad loved to finish off meals with something sweet. We didn't know we were "spoiled" with daily helpings of ice cream, homemade pies, and bakery goods. Sunday morning breakfast meant bacon and eggs, topped off with frosted coffee cake with raisins.

If he wasn't working or fishing, Dad spent his time maintaining or fixing things around the house. Then he started building and selling residential homes on property we had called "the back yard" most of our lives. Saturday night was about the only time he relaxed in front of the television. He enjoyed watching boxing, and later on, wrestling.

50th Wedding Anniversary

Dad died in 2004. I am extremely grateful that I was granted the opportunity to know my father and enjoy his love and quiet sense of humor for almost sixty years.