Friday, July 1, 2016

#AlohaFriday - Aiming for a Wacky Waterworld Week-end

World news, while necessary, can become addictive and even depressing. My desire to remain optimistic without becoming 'Pollyanna' in nature has led me to this: #AlohaFriday news that uplifts the spirit.

Today's news comes from Drew Schneier with a whale of a story that includes fantastic photographs, titillating news of the underwater world, and a fascinating audio.

The Mystery and Magic of Whale Songs
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Snorkling, and enjoying the ocean from the shore, are more my speed. That makes Drew Schneier's article even more enjoyable reading for me.
Hope you have a wacky week-end, in or out of the water.
Some of Gail's Personal "Aloha Shore Views"
Kaka'ako Fishing Spot

Waikiki at Sunset

Ala Wai Boat Harbor with Diamond Head backdrop


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