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Thumbnail Thoughts on 22 Cherry-Picked Titles Part 2

Can you pick a favorite title?

CHERRIES JUBILEE "thumbnail thoughts" for 22 "cherry-picked" e-books, Part 2, features all Kindle e-books; many are by independent/self-published authors. My eclectic choices range from romantic comedy to mystery, thriller to memoir, no erotica. I admit that book titles influenced my selections.

Each entry consists of a book title; author name; an opening line or heading; and ~ in 22 words or less ~ an incentive for choosing the book. After sorting through over 300 e-books with the word cherry or cherries in the title, I eagerly added 22 titles to my e-reader TBR list. I hope you enjoy reading my CHERRIES JUBILEE “thumbnail thoughts” as much as I enjoyed gathering them.

12. CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES by Shelbie Moore This large, diverse collection of addicting poetry captures emotions, hopes, and fears.
Which poem relates to you: Family Recipes; The Joker; For The Dark Knight fans; Cookie Crumbs; Fish Eye; or Chocolate Covered Cherries?

13. CHERRIES ON TOP by Rowan McAllister. Opening line: “Would you like another, sir?”
After ending a relationship with an abusive girlfriend, Craig finds a no-strings-attached date with Doug may become more than a one-night stand.

14. IF LIFE IS A BOWL OF CHERRIES, WHAT AM I DOING IN THE PITS? by Erma Bombeck. Okay, this isn't a new author, but on a list of books with "cherries" in the title, this just had to appear!

15. PITTED CHERRIES by Sophia White. About Zilla: “Kiss my ass was her motto and she welcomed any and everyone to do so.”
A story of three children in rural Hilton Head left vulnerable as their mother, Zilla, struggles to move on with her life.

16. UNDER THE CHERRY BLOSSOM TREE: An Old Japanese Tale by Allen Say. There were eggs in every bird’s nest, the air buzzed with honeybees, and cherry trees blossomed all at once.
He swallowed a cherry pit and soon a cherry tree grew out of his head ~ a witty retelling of a classic tale.

17. CHERRY-GO-ROUND by Lamar McMann. “I just ain’t interested in no traveling orgy circus,” she said.
Cherry is waiting tables and singing country music at the Dew Drop Inn when a hippie group asks her to join them.

18. CHERRY SOURS by Sean Micheal. A great opening line: “He was more gay by intent than practice.”
I am obviously old-fashioned or showing my age ~ never would have guessed that “Cherry Sours” referred to Gummi Bears!

19. BOWL OF CHERRIES: A Novel by Millard Kaufman. The brilliance of a ninety-year old debut novelist; co-creator of Mr. Magoo and twice-nominated for Academy Awards for screenwriting.
Assama, Paradise, a biblical Garden of Eden. Once a wasteland of roaming lions and panthers. Before Saddam.

20. SWEET CHERRY RAY by Marcia Lynn McClure. “You just keep blendin’ in all easy and such-for now-for yer old pa’s sake.”
One of Cherry Ray’s true delights was her dime novels, Oklahoma Jenny and Arizona Bill being her favorite.

21. CHERRIES COBLER - A Novel by JoHannah Reardon. Cherry is pushing 30 and has a bit of a weight problem. After ten years, her plan to find The One is growing a little thin.

22. CHERRIES - A Vietnam War Novel by John Podlaski. Chapter One, line 2: It was 1970, and just outside the compound, hundreds of hippies and former soldiers picketed and protested against the war.
Drafted and trained for five months ~dubbed “Cherries”~ nothing prepared them for the nightmare of the dense Vietnamese jungles.

Which title sounds the most interesting to you?


  1. I've read the Bombeck book and I just loved it. She really was a funny lady. My favorite is "When You look Like Your Passport Photo, It's Time To Go Home."

    These other selections sound intriguing so I'm definitely going to be adding to my ever expanding TBR list. :)

  2. I just came across an old passport recently and I'd have to agree!

  3. Some thought provoking selections here.


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