Friday, October 7, 2011


Today for my "Cherries Jubilee" blog tour, I want you to meet a fellow blogger whose fabulous site offers some of the most colorfully illustrated recipes on the Web:
"Grits and Groceries: Anthony Stemke".

Yom Kippur, which begins today at sundown, is the Jewish Day of Atonement. It is considered the holiest and most solemn day on the Jewish calendar. Because this is a fast day, it is appropriate to wish Jewish friends an "Easy Fast."

In September of 2010, Anthony suggested Cherry Sweet Noodle Kugel as a sweet way to break the 25-hour fast of Yom Kippur. Please join Anthony on his Grits and Groceries blog site: Grits and Groceries: Anthony Stemke
and learn how to bake his Cherry Sweet Noodle Kugel. Stay to explore his myriad recipes ranging from Turkey Hash on Earth Day and Chicken Tikka Masala to Real Cool Soup (made with berries.)

Which recipe did you find most appetizing? Comment below for a chance to win a free Smashwords download of my novel, FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences.


  1. I know Anthony!
    I'll have to see what else he has for cherries. I'll admit, pies are not my favorite, so something unique would be cool.

  2. The soup and the kugel were the two recipes I found that included cherries.

    Looking for unique, Alex? Then you may like his Zesty Gumbo Z'Herbes, Uova Alla Fiorentina, or Yakitori.

  3. Hi Gail, I'm honoured that you like the pudding, so nice of you to think of me.

    Thank You


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