Monday, October 10, 2011


Week #2 of my CHERRIES JUBILEE book blog tour begins today! I met some wonderful new people during the first week and had the opportunity to share 7 copies of my ebook with readers. This week I will give away another 7 Smashwords downloads of FOR EVERY ACTION. If you enjoy a suspenseful mystery, please leave a comment for me here or with Kate at Back of the Books Reviews for a chance to win a copy.

Best 'O Books Reviews by Rae:

Back of the Book Reviews by Kate:

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  1. Fun stuff. Love the theme, what a great name! "Pepper!" Love it! Hrm, which to read, the Hawaii book or the Wisconsin...both so exotic. LOL. Seriously, though, best of luck to you on both. Mine are set in Indiana, so I obviously value the Midwest setting. If I have to read one more book set in the mean streets of NYC, I'm chucking it out the "winder," as they say 'round here. Mahalo and Yeah, Sure, YouBetcha, and have a great day!

  2. Ah, Midwest conversations, everyone understands the half finished sentences! YouBetcha. (Love your "Mahalo")

  3. I'm from New York, what does "Mahalo" mean?

  4. Dropping by to say hello.
    Yes, and what's a mahalo?


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