Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not Normal Cocktail Party Talk

The words in the title of this blog post are part of an answer I gave during my interview today with A.F. Stewart at her blog site.

Ms. Stewart is located in Nova Scotia, Canada. She is a writer who likes sci-fi and fantasy, mysteries and history. I am most appreciative that she agreed to hold this interview during my "Cherries Jubilee" blog tour. Please click on her blog site to read how the "cocktail" comment applies to my writing >>>> A.F. Stewart’s blog

If you would like to receive a free Smashwords download of my e-Book novel FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences, please include in your comment below a Jeopardy-style question for my "cocktail" answer.


  1. I enjoyed your interview. Interesting that we're both on blog tours. My kids watch Jeopardy--all I know is all the answers are questions, so...
    what is an over-the-top action by a long-married spouse perhaps?

  2. Loved your interview. And thank you so very much for the coupon. I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. :)I can't wait to read For Every Action there are consequences.


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