Friday, January 15, 2016

THE JANSON EQUATION by Douglas Corleone #FridayReads

The Janson Equation tackles the “what if” of a contrived war between North and South Korea, set off by a faction in the USA. Sort of ripped from the headlines of today’s current events.

The Janson Equation
Douglas Corleone
North Korea adamantly aims to become a super nuclear power. For a hermit country, the madness equates to an internet hacker believing he/she has the ability to bring down the infrastructure of the world with one well-placed virus. 

Wait. . .considering our self-inflicted dependence on electronics, the world as we know it could drastically change in the push of a button. Whoever is behind the plot to ignite a second Korean war has set in motion events that would change the face of the earth in Southeast Asia, and politics around the world. 

Corleone’s strong knowledge of history and world events keeps this thriller moving at a rapid pace and held my attention throughout. When Mr. Corleone spoke at the 2015 Hawaii Book and Music Festival, he mentioned that his name is billed on the cover after that of the Jason Bourne creator, Robert Ludlum. While I am a decades’ old fan of Mr. Ludlum’s high-concept thrillers, I told Doug the main reason I planned to read The Janson Equation was because he wrote it. I came away from the reading more informed, and definitely entertained.
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