Friday, January 29, 2016

KILL SWITCH by Steve N Lee #Thriller #FridayReads

Kill Switch is the first in a series of thrillers by author Steve N Lee. While reading the opening chapters, I was reminded of Stieg Larsson’s dragon girl, Lisbeth Salander; and Uma Thurman’s character in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies. The author displays an active knowledge of martial arts’ techniques, which his protagonist, Tess, skillfully demonstrates at strategic intervals throughout the novel, Kill Switch.

Two things that most interest me about the author’s writing is the planning he put into the through line, or continuing story line, of his series; and the marketing process he developed to bring his work to the attention of interested readers. 

The Angel of Darkness series consists of seven novels. In Kill Switch, Tess is introduced as an expert martial artist who, after many years of exiled training in the far East, is returning to her homeland to exact vengeance for an unrevealed wrong. She is sidetracked in Poland when a 70-something Romanian woman approaches her with a story about her missing daughter, Catalina, who may be in grave danger. Tess immerses herself in the task of finding Catalina. In the process of learning what happened to the woman’s missing daughter, Tess lays inoperable many an antagonist’s henchman who crosses her path. 

Along the way, Tess formulates her true lifetime goals, the basis for the Angel of Darkness series. 

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