Wednesday, January 6, 2016

#IWSG A New Perspective for 2016

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Aloha, and Happy New Year! My New Year’s blog post, A New Perspective, expressed a goal to begin seeing the world from a new perspective. I wanted to start looking at all aspects of my life in a new light. The idea was not fully formed, though, something I realized in the next few days.
Nothing I’d encountered during my daily routine had created an impression. Had I noticed any interesting faces on the bus? Were people smiling, children humming? What colors stood out in a routine scene? I had continued to focus inward, contemplating the intangible rather than absorbing the real world around me.
Seeing the world from a new perspective is a necessity for a writer. I knew it was time to make a conscious effort to put my idea to the test. The first opportunity arose as I walked down a side street, heading home from Starbucks. A bush along the sidewalk displayed a profusion of pink hibiscus blossoms.
I’ve taken pictures of various-colored hibiscus over the past year, but none displayed the solid confidence of this pink bloom. With only green leaves as a framing backdrop, and without frills or contrasting color, it needed only its natural beauty to attract attention. This flower in my path gave me the opportunity to examine my own talents from a new perspective.
As a writer, I needn’t depend on bells and whistles to shine. I can attract attention to my work by using my life experiences as a framing backdrop. I will allow my thoughts to flow more naturally from within. Then the beauty of well-phrased words will reflect the confidence of a solid pink hibiscus.



  1. In other words, get out there, live, and be aware!

  2. It is important to be able to see things with fresh eyes. Even the everyday stuff. :)

  3. I agree with Alex. Although, life and it's curve balls always seem to knock on my back door. Sneaky

  4. Hi Gail!
    Thanks for visiting my place!
    That final sentence sums it up nicely. A reminder to open our eyes. Stories are everywhere...waiting to the petals of a solid pink hibiscus!
    Happy New Year!


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