Sunday, January 17, 2016

BRIGHTEST STAR Poem for Another New Beginning

Brightest Star

With bloated hopes, you share
ideas. Each word a chosen
pearl. On velvet air,
great thoughts pour
forth. Your mind a dervish
whirl. Can greatness be so far
behind, with wisdom such
as this? Step back
oh, wizened one, a most creative
bliss. One day, you say, a smile
in play, awards will all
be won. Your confidence wrapped
up in silk,
Blue Ribbon dreams are

For months, I bombarded friends and relatives with my excitement over winning a blue ribbon. The prized ribbon was for a speech I wrote and recited before my Toastmasters’ group. My fear of speaking in front of an audience wasn’t caused by my inability to do so but by the belief I had nothing of importance to say. 

Even after I decided it was high time I became a better speaker, my next speech fell flat. I was unable to project the sincerity of my beliefs, with good reason. I had worthwhile ideas to share, but I didn’t have the confidence to express those ideas with conviction. 

Then I wrote a speech that focused on what consumes my life: writing. It was a good speech. I practiced the words while dreaming of winning a blue ribbon. The day I gave the speech, I had the confidence needed to deserve a blue ribbon. 

Yes, having blue ribbon dreams can be fun. Especially if the dream leads to action that moves you toward your goal. Take a moment to imagine yourself in a successful role, draped with confidence. Once you lock in that vision of success, can greatness be so far behind? 

This type of dreaming isn’t the same as living in a fantasy world. Dreaming of success is a first step, not a destination. 

Dream it, realize it, then enjoy it.



  1. Dreams do come true even if they don't turn out exactly the way we want them to.

  2. That's true, Shelly. Always good to be specific in you wishes!


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