Sunday, January 3, 2016

ELIXIR: My dreams of youth . . .



My dreams of youth
recall an endless ride. 

Freedom to travel the fields
and back roads, racing
across shadows tossed to earth
by pines and ancient oak. 

The sun, a steady companion,
often present, always eager
to return when showers end.
Wind, both friend and foe. 

Youth, the elixir that turns
a long stretch of summer
into a magical adventure.


Oh, to relive the magical moments of youth. As with fresh water, I also took my childhood freedom of choice for granted. The most structured or confining part of my early years was the class room with its narrow desks, closed windows, and smothering blackboard. 

Otherwise, I was free to do as I pleased, spending early evenings and week-ends involved in unorganized activities such as baseball, archery, swinging (ah, the freedom!), biking, lawn croquet, and lazy days of swimming at the beach down by Neshotah Park. Thinking back, oh my goodness, such fun we had with simple games like ball-and-jacks, hopscotch, and paddleball. 

A black-and-white photograph, long stored away in some cedar chest or attic, has always stuck in my mind. At a very young age, my siblings and I are running through the sprinkler on the side lawn. This was at the first house we knew as home. Later, Dad built another house, and another, and another, until home didn’t feel so much like home. But this house of my early days has always held a place in my heart. 

The sprinkler in this remembered photograph was shaped like a ring. It shot water high into the air, in all directions of a circle. What fun to skip, splash, and charge through the spray on warm summer days, knowing the sun would always shine brightly, and supper would always be ready for us at five o’clock sharp.


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  1. This post brought back my own childhood pleasures. I remember the freedom of swinging, couldn't get enough of it. And running through sprinklers on a hot day was wonderful.These were such simple pleasures, looking back, but oh, what fun.


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