Sunday, October 16, 2016


70 Poems for 70 Days 
 is a collection of poetry I wrote as a birthday present to myself and gifted in book format to 70 of my friends and family members. Over a period of 70 Sundays, I am submitting the poems in the order of composition, along with a short comment about the poem’s style or theme,
often including a complementary photograph.

With linked poetry, a form of Japanese Renshi poetry,
the last lines of one poem are used to form the title of the next poem,
then the next poem shifts to a different topic.

I hope you find a few entries that bring a smile to your face or a long buried memory to the surface of your consciousness. Poetry is like that, whether you are the reader or the author.

What Is
Now is not back then

When trees grew in place, from seed

The river flowed, free

Though not all humans were.


Sun shone straight to earth

No buildings scraped the sky

What is here today

Is just more of the same.


Not more love back then

Or hatred less by far

Satellites or

Internet connections.


Reveal the world

In Technicolor lights

Dust of skeletons

From closets once secured

Information blast

Power, with reason lacking.
*****     *****     *****


Reason Lacking


Friday night
Time to cruise
Deer in the headlights
Wine at the Fawn
Dance with sweat
Lining your bra
Cigarette break
Before you split
Back to The Hall
A quick stop for smokes
Lead foot heavy
And eager for more
Late, a few too many tipped
Sweat dried, reason gone
Rev the engine, hemi strong
Port or bust
Take the curves at speed
Blinding headlights clear the road
Not an obstacle in sight
To keep you from last call
This poem reflects the 50s and 60s when the jukebox and pinball machine ruled. Small town Friday night didn't vary much from state to state. If the place was too small or too poor to have a movie theater and the football game ended early, win or lose, it was party time! And everyone knew that kids don't die young so there was no reason to worry. Right?
*****     *****     *****


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