Sunday, October 2, 2016

Near Horizons and Break the Cycle Linking Poems #52-#53

When I wrote the 70 poems for 70 days, I had no idea if anyone else would read them. After pouring my heart onto the page, I had met my initial goal of writing the set of linked poems. Later, it became obvious that while I'd scratched the surface of my memory, that mere scratching had triggered an opportunity to delve deeper into the topics that surfaced during the writing process.
Once the little book of poetry was published and distributed to 70 friends and family members as gifts, it seemed practical to post articles that reflected on the poems, or to write more in depth about a segment of a poem, or to contemplate new ideas stemming from the original seed of thought.
Give me a choice between chocolate or a new project,
and I'll take both . . . every time!
Now, a year later, I am reaching the end of this latest project. I hope you found something of interest in the preceding Sundays. Over the next three weeks, may the final sets of linking poetry create a desire to pen the precious thoughts welling up in you.

Near Horizons

Farms spread out
by design of county plats
Home for dinner
Each family tucked in
for the night. 

Breakfast a routine affair
Like Sunday drives
after mass
And holiday visits
to relatives. 

Roads with numbered routes
Lead to fishing holes
And beach parks
hold dreams that encompass
only near horizons. 

Dare to break the cycle

Poetry is meant to be read not as an interpretation of the poet’s thoughts, but as a means of opening the reader’s mind: to spark imagination, to recall memories long ago experienced, long forgotten; thoughts happy and sad, thought-provoking experiences that form and inform the person you are today. Do not fear the past so you can enjoy the present and plan a happy future. Poetry can open for you infinite possibilities. Claim what rings true for you, leaving the rest for others to explore their own awakening.
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Break the Cycle


No! My education
is too lacking.
The words all
come out wrong.
Why would anybody
even care?

Marathons are
not for weak,
questioning souls 
but for
strong minds,
solid knees,
and muscular hearts

Yes. I can
believe in myself. I can
stop braiding negativity
into disbelief. I can
start spinning confidence
into success.

When a child is told often enough that they don't have the strength or the brains to accomplish something, this negative attitude carries over into their adulthood. Breaking the habit of believing this may seem insurmountable, and often is, because negativity only breeds more of the same. 
Need incentive to change?
Check out this TED talk entitled "How to stop screwing yourself over by Mel Robbins:
The skill of self confidence by Dr. Ivan Joseph



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