Sunday, October 23, 2016

LAST CALL: Squealing Kids #61

70 Poems for 70 Days 
 is a collection of linked poetry I wrote as a birthday present to myself and gifted in book format to 70 of my friends and family members. Over a period of 70 Sundays, I am submitting the poems in the order of composition, along with a short comment about the poem’s style or theme,
often including a complementary photograph.

With linked poetry, a form of Japanese Renshi poetry,
the last lines of one poem are used to form the title of the next poem,
then the next poem shifts to a different topic..

I hope you find a few entries that bring a smile to your face or a long buried memory to the surface of your consciousness. Poetry is like that, whether you are the reader or the author.

Last Call 

Dinner on the stove
Pie in the oven
Kids squealing
Outside, “You’re it.” 

Dad pulls in
Young ones run
to push
The garage door up 

Rusted chain
Sounds like
a game
Of squealing tag 

Hugs all around
“Why aren’t you washed for supper?”
“Mama never called.”
And now the pie smells burnt.

This is one of those “Twilight Zone” endings where the reader must determine the final outcome.



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