Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Into Success #54 and Far Beyond #55

Into Success
She walked into success
With four-inch heels
And dusty-rose linen suit. 

Her smile flashed with confidence
Showering the crowded room
Doubt left at the sliding glass door 

“Sweet” described her weekly stats
Earned with forceful charm
Familiarity the winning edge 

Heights encourage depths
Obtained easiest by overreach
Far beyond the
elusive brassy ring.

Success followed by regress does not a failure make. Every experience is a rung up the ladder, heading toward the next goal.

*****     *****     *****

Far, Far Beyond

Encouraged to walk
You stood and crossed
The room 

Continuing far, far beyond
Until hands
Steered you to safety
Tempting with strange noises,
Very loud 

Your lips quivered
Searching for a promise
Sweetly warm
Discouraged, you sat
Garnering attention anew 

Lesson learned
You rose on wobbly feet
A toddler, at last.
Each of the linking poems receives its title from the final words of the previous poem. The fun of forming a poem based on this new title is that you never know what to expect until the words actually reach the page. Even then, the idea often veers into unexpected territory. This poem is a good example of such a twist. For those who first think the person encouraged to walk is elderly, the ending is a pleasant surprise that conjures up memories of ones self, or of children and grandchildren taking their first steps.

photo by: lakotawestband.ord

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