Friday, October 21, 2016

Thoughts On 'A Reading Challenge,' October Cancer Month, and bonus Haiku

When I set my Goodreads challenge to read and review 71 books between October 22, 2015 and October 22, 2016, I saw no problem in reaching the goal. Reading is a large part of my life, never a chore or a drain on my time and energy. If anything, I should feel guilty for reading while the laundry awaits. But Stephen King gave all authors the green light by saying we should write for four hours and read for four hours every day. Thanks, guy!

The Importance of Book Reviews
Book reviews are helpful to authors but are especially important for readers. A review can help a reader decide whether a book will be worth their allotted reading time. It can also raise their awareness of a story that will thoroughly entertain them. Your review can save another reader from thinking, "It wasn't at all what I expected."
Setting goals gets me a lot farther than not setting them. Although my bar for 2017 won't be quite as high, I'll never stop reading and reviewing books. 
Book #71 of my 71-Books Goal for 2016
During the Makiki Community Library 40th Anniversary Celebration in September, a local author introduced herself to members of the Sisters in Crime/Hawaii Chapter. We were holding discussions on various writing topics over a two-day period. Janet attended a couple of the sessions. During open forum, she shared her experience about being diagnosed with terminal cancer -- twenty-five years ago. She told us about the short memoir she had published on Amazon as an e-Book. After hearing about her ordeal, along with everything she is doing now to enjoy life to the fullest, I couldn't wait to read the book. My 5-Star review follows.
Janet R. Shaw

The amount of information included in this short book is amazing. The author shares her experiences, from the time her doctor informs her that she has terminal breast cancer and will soon die, through the emotional upheaval to the life-saving decisions she made on her own. I purchased the book after meeting Janet at the Makiki Community Library 40th Anniversary celebration in September. She didn't stay long because she didn't want to lose her spot in the community pool where she swims on a regular basis.

Nothing overtly supernatural presents itself in the author's story of SURVIVING "TERMINAL" CANCER, but she gives readers enough information to form their own opinion as to whether there is a miracle involved.
Pink hibiscus smiles
Greetings on my autumn walk
 Honolulu style

Breast Cancer Awareness month
Why not treat yourself to Janet's book today!
 *****     *****     *****

Link to my Goodreads Challenge list and Janet's book:


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