Wednesday, April 6, 2016

F is for FISH FRY AND FLAMES #AtoZChallenge

For this year's challenge, my theme is The Fun in Writing. Each of my 26 posts for April is aimed at illustrating fun parts of an author's day. A writer doesn't only write. Creating a story or an essay requires research, revision, editing, and lots and lots of coffee and chocolate.

Memories that stick with me from my early years in Wisconsin are the traditional fish fry and the flaming fires under black kettles at fish boils. In the northern peninsula of Door County, the local establishments have taken fish boils to an art form. When the heat is turned up and the boiling water overflows, a resounding and collective roar fills the air.
When I returned to Wisconsin to research my fourth novel, I made a point of heading over to the Vet’s Club in Two Rivers for one of their fabulous Friday fish plates. Nothing beats fresh perch, straight from the lake to the fry pan. Of course, that’s when tap beer tastes best. (It is also one of the fun parts of researching a new novel!)   

My friend Sharon
with the Vet's Club bartender

If your first images of Wisconsin are Holstein cows and cheddar cheese curds, then here is a fun experiment to help you enjoy what the state is famous for, cheese:
Arrange a large handful of curds on a plate, set them in the microwave on medium heat
for about 30 seconds (keep an eye and ear out for when they begin to melt and sizzle.)
Once the cheese goes oozy, remove from the microwave and enjoy the amazing flavor.
Wisconsin, the Dairy State:
famous for
Holstein Cows
Cheese Curds



  1. So agree with that - nothing like fresh fish! and nothing also like researching a book setting. Food for the body, food for the soul.

    The cheese curds sound delicious!


  2. Food has always been the draw for me with any activity so research and eating just naturally go together!

  3. Oh it is early here in Labrador but now I want fried fish! Not curds though, which we Canucks make into poutine -just add gravy. Winter lingers on here, snow banks higher than the truck, cold but sunny. How I'd like to visit you and talk books, writing and fun! Thanks for coming by. Jan Morrison,this crazy writing life

  4. Sorry to hear the snow hasn't melted yet, Jan. At least the sun is shining in Labrador! I'll have to do some research on poutine-and gravy.

  5. Fish is our family's favorite and after reading this can't wait to eat the fish which my mom-in-law is going to rbing for us. Thanks for sharing the new forms of fish boiling. Enjoyed reading this.

    @SarahVamshi from
    The Tin Trunk

    1. Thanks for visiting, Sarah. Enjoy your fish. I'm off to read your F is for Friends next!

  6. Great idea to heat the cheese curds.

  7. Where I live in Michigan, we get a lot of fresh fish too at certain times of the year. Yum!

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

    1. Bet you get the fish fresh from the same lake I swam in all during my youth along the Wisconsin shore . . . Lake Michigan!

  8. I'm from the land of poutine, which makes very good use of cheese curds. :)

    The fish fry sounds like a wonderful author perk!

    1. Ah, straight above, Jan Morrison told me "Not curds though, which we Canucks make into poutine -just add gravy." Now I definitely have to check into poutine! Thanks for visiting. I was so pleased to discover your website!

  9. Fresh fish and beer would make research fun. And I'm guilty of thinking cheese when I think of Wisconsin. :)

  10. Cherie, Once you've watched a Packers football game, with all those Cheeseheads cheering, it's difficult not to equate Wisconsin to cheese!


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