Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for You Go To My Head AtoZChallenge

The theme of my 2014 A-to-Z Blog Challenge is BLUES, PUPUS, and REVIEWS.
Tuesday & Friday - BLUES: Art, Movies, Music, & Police 

Billie Holiday, aka Lady Day of Lady Sings the Blues fame, recorded You Go To My Head,(composed by J. Fred Coots with lyrics by Haven Gillespie,) in 1938. She recorded the song again in 1952. 

The list of people who made recordings of the song can be measured with a yardstick, and includes names like Judy Garland (at the Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall concert), Marlene Dietrich, Bing Crosby, and Peggy Lee. Tony Bennett, Louis Armstrong, Patti Page, and Petula Clark are listed along with Ella Fitzgerald, and even Rosemary Clooney (you know . . . George’s auntie.) Frank Sinatra, on the list for recording You Go To My Head in 1946 and 1960, said Billie Holiday was the greatest single musical influence on him. 

Listen to her sing and decide for yourself how she stacks up next to everyone else on the list:

Book: Lady Sings the Blues


  1. Hi Gail - it is one iconic song - and as you mention recorded by a yardstick of singers - good use of Y. Fun to be reminded how many versions there are ... The book looks interesting too - I'll check that out soon - cheers Hilary

  2. How I love that old bluesy jazzy music. I had a few records I inherited from my in-laws and got a record player to listen to them. Even the scratchy sound added to the feeling.

  3. My favorite thing about Billie Holiday's voice is that it is so unmistakably hers.

    I wonder what would happen if she were living now and went on one of those TV shows where they judge voices. Would they recognize her talent or would they try to squish it into something else, make it sound like everyone else?

    Silly thoughts, I know... Thanks for sharing these songs. It's lunchtime here in Texas, and this makes a good soundtrack for my break.

    ~Tui Snider~ Dropping by from the A to Z challenge! :D
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  4. Hilary, Karen, Tui, and Rhonda, thank you all for visiting my site during the AtoZChallenge. I look forward to continuing my visits to your sites after April.

    Billie Holiday was indeed her own person. Whether her voice would be recognized as unique today, I would say yes, thanks to some open-minded 'judges'.


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