Saturday, April 5, 2014

EDAMAME & BEER for first Saturday of AtoZChallenge

Edamame is the fancy name for boiled or steamed soy beans. The word ‘edamame’ is Japanese. Eda means ‘twig’, and mame is ‘bean’. It makes a great snack food, especially in a bar with a cold beer chaser because of the sea salt added for flavor. 

It isn’t unusual for Edamame to pop up at picnics and other outings, so easy to strip the beans from the pod with your teeth, toss the shell and grab another. The hard part is stopping so there is room for all the other delicious pupus on the table. And the ones on the way, there are always more on the way! 

If you don’t live in China, Japan, Indonesia, or Hawaii, you can probably find those tasty soy beans in the frozen foods section of your supermarket.  
Another favorite Hawaiian pupu is boiled peanuts. If soy beans aren’t to your taste, you might like snacking on boiled peanuts. To make your own, use semi-mature peanuts that aren’t dry yet, boil them in salt water, cool, and eat. But beware, they’re like potato chips, you can’t eat just one. 
All pupus go good with beer!



  1. I'd eat them just for the sea salt!

  2. Yum- two of my favorite things! And I adore boiled peanuts, but I haven't had them since I visited Georgia years ago!

  3. And the sea salt will make the beer taste even better, Karen.

    Jessica, I'll bet the boiled peanuts in Georgia are really fresh.

    Thanks for visiting today. With a free day tomorrow, it will give me time to catch up on visiting everyone else's blogs.

  4. Great snack! But I'll let you have the beer. :)

  5. I lived in Japan as a child and yes, I remember eating those.


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