Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for Wasabi AtoZChallenge

PUPUS, Hawaiian snacks similar to hors d’oeuvers, tapas, and canapés,
make up the third segment of my A-to-Z Challenge theme.
Wasabi is a green paste comparable to horseradish, and just as hot. The thick paste is mixed with a generous helping of shoyu (soy sauce) then used for dipping. Do not attempt to spread the wasabi on raw slices of fish the way you would use tarter sauce. Pick up the slice of fish with your chop sticks, run the fish lightly through the wasabi/shoyu sauce mix, add a paper-thin slice of fresh ginger, and pop it into your mouth. Repeat.

I have a tendency to overdue it and my nose burns until my eyes start to water. Then I have to sit back and wait for the sensation to pass. 

Sashimi is sliced raw fish. One of my favorites is Onion Salmon. The popular Japanese food is a delicacy that takes center stage for everyone’s New Year’s Eve celebration in Hawaii, especially Ahi Sashimi, my all-time favorite when served with wasabi and fresh ginger. 

Can you say “ONO”?



  1. Wasabi! That stuff is awesome. Perfect for clearing out the sinuses as well.

  2. I saw a jar of Wasabi Peas this weekend. I had never heard of them.
    Interesting that you should write about wasabi sauce. Maybe I should have bought the peas....
    Mary @ The View from my World


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