Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for UNAGI AtoZChallenge

PUPUS, Hawaiian snacks similar to hors d’oeuvers, tapas, and canapés,
make up the third segment of my A-to-Z Challenge theme. 

Unagi is the Japanese word for freshwater eel. Genki Sushi Restaurant in Honolulu serves sliced unagi over rice topped with a dipping sauce called Tare, a sweetened, thickened soy sauce. 

I am not a fan of eel in any form but do believe in authenticity when writing articles. So I patronized the Genki Sushi at Ala Moana Center and selected a platter of Unagi from the converor belt of ready-made offerings. 

If you have read my ‘O’ post for AtoZ, you’ll understand when I say that Unagi and Uni (Sea Urchin Roe) are not on my list of Ono foods. 

My second sushi choice for the day was a plate of California Rolls, far better suited to a palate accustomed to fried perch and smoked salmon.


  1. I can't say I would eat eel either. Gross.

  2. I've never had sushi before-eel sounds...interesting.

    Stopping in to say 'hi' from the A-Z challenge!
    Finley Jayne

  3. My boss recently told me about the time she tried eel. She said she kept chewing, but it never broke down. How I laughed.

  4. Here from the A-Z Challenge. I have a love-hate relationship with sushi. Some of it I love and some of it- like sea urchin- I hate. Even some of the stuff I think I love, doesn't go down so well sometimes. I often wonder if it's all in my head. Sort of like venison. It tastes okay, and if I didn't know I was eating a deer I might even like it. But, no, I can't eat Bambi.

  5. Sounds like we all agree on the taste of sea urchin.
    Nana, that is so funny about what your boss said. That was my exact same experience.

  6. I think I would find it difficult to try and eat these,but I am sure they are good to people who have grown up on them. It is interesting to read about a different culture than mine in your post today--thanks for doing the not so appetizing research that was involved to write it.
    Mary @ The View from my World


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