Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gyrating Hips & BLUE Suede Shoes AtoZ Challenge

The gyrating hips of Elvis Presley weren’t the first to accompany the words to the Rockabilly tune, BLUE SUEDE SHOES. The song was written and recorded by Carl Perkins in 1955 and he released it on the Sun label New Years Day, 1956. Later that year, the song was released on the RCA Victor label by Elvis Presley.

Blue Suede Shoes
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BLUE SUEDE SHOES was considered one of the first Rock and Roll songs and was recorded by several other singers in 1956. On the band wagon were Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, “Thumper” Jones (better known as George Jones), Jerry Mercer, and even Lawrence Welk. 

Regardless who sang the words over the years, Elvis Presley made the song his own when he sang it on national television for the first time, not on the Ed Sullivan Show, but the Milton Berle Show. It is difficult for me to imagine anyone else strumming a guitar and gyrating to the words “Go, Cat, Go, but don’t you . . .” with the authority of the King of Rock and Roll. Not even the Beatles or Michael Jackson. 

Elvis Presley recorded several songs with the word BLUE in the title, including Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Blue Christmas, and Blue Hawaii.



  1. You're very right. Elvis may not have written it, or been the first to record it, but the king made blue suede shoes all his own.
    Shawn from Laughing at Life 2

  2. Thanks for visiting Shawn. I will check out your blog site also. Hope you are enjoying the AtoZ Challenge so far.


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