Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for QUACK, as in Pei Pa Duck AtoZChallenge

PUPUS, Hawaiian snacks similar to hors d’oeuvers, tapas, and canapés,
make up the third segment of my A-to-Z Challenge theme. 

Whether you think of the Chinese capital as Peking or Beijing, the smoked duck is still flavorful, if somewhat greasy. To be authentic, Peking duck is served in a flat pancake with little meat. In Hawaii, people want more meat and it is served manapua-style, in a steamed bun. 

Pei pa duck is duck roasted hanging up. It gets its name from a Chinese musical instrument. The Pipa is a pear-shaped guitar. The duck is spread out like the Pipa, air-dried, and deep-fried with special spices. The duck is crispy enough to eat even the smaller bones.  

At Market City, down the road from me on Kapiolani Blvd., is a restaurant named Duck Lee Chinese Express. It specializes in “roasting” foods, like roast duck, pei pa duck, and char siu. It is finger-lickin’ food you can snack on anytime. 



  1. That looks yummy to me, but not sure I ever have had Peking Duck. I have had duck in various Chinese dishes in our Chinatown.

    Now I'm hungry.

  2. Thank you for visiting today. I am enjoying your ART posts also, especially the ones referring to Paris settings.


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