Sunday, March 27, 2016

SEMBLANCE OF ORDER A Poem - Out of Chaos

Semblance of Order

In the confines of a fenced-yard garden
sprouting seeds, in stick straight rows, abound.
Flower blossoms trim the weathered bench 

Pumpkins soon dwarf the acorn squash,
as veggies seize control, and
tomatoes in their rapid growth are judged
Sweet fruit ripens in its time
Apples first;
zucchini next - and evermore;
Retaining order isn’t easy in the courtyard

****  ****  **** 

While the words of this poem were written with a wink of the eye to the legal system, they could also address the controlled chaos of raising a family. Children sprout up in growing spurts that require frequent trips to the mall to replace outgrown clothes and shoes.
Some children soon dwarf their siblings and class mates, and often without warning even their parents. Retaining order becomes an illusion kept alive for sanity’s sake.
Branching into society, and beyond borders to include the world, semblance of order is questioned when war becomes the actual order of the day. Who is charged with judging the wisdom of rapid growth in business tied to banking, the stock market, or pharmaceuticals?
A semblance of order is required in every walk of life, from the family unit to team sports to the machinations of local, state, and national government. Within our own minds, don’t we strive to keep our thoughts in order?
In the first Jurassic Park movie, Jeff Goldblum’s character compulsively focuses on the theory of chaos. The opposite of order, chaos leads to destruction. When you’re talking apples and zucchini, chaos isn’t a great concern. But to function successfully, some semblance of order is required in a family unit; and for the legal system, raising the bar (pun intended) of awareness is required. For safety purposes alone, order becomes a necessity.
Don’t you think the visitors to Jurassic Park would agree?

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