Tuesday, March 1, 2016

CONGRATULATIONS-Goodreads Giveaway Winners of Neshoto Junction Homicide

Goodreads offers members the option to give away copies of their published books. During the month of February, I arranged a giveaway of my mystery, Neshoto Junction Homicide, offering three copies of the novel to three winners randomly chosen by Goodreads. The giveaway was open to members of Goodreads in the United States. 545 people entered the giveaway. The three winners were announced on March 1, 2016 and are listed below!

Neshoto Junction Homicide is a soft-boiled mystery featuring protagonist Pepper Bibeau, an insurance investigator. Pepper travels throughout the United States clearing up questionable claims that require personal contact with involved parties. Her unbridled curiosity and tenacity periodically lead to murder.

A synopsis of Neshoto Junction Homicide:
Within the first hours of a planned fishing trip, Insurance Investigator Pepper Bibeau's vacation turns deadly. Unearthing a killer may depend on her unbridled curiosity, and her ability to stay alive.

A stand-alone novel, Book 4 in the Pepper Bibeau mystery series is set in scenic Wisconsin and deals with controversial topics of the area, including threats to the fishing industry, government intervention, and nuclear power plants.

*****   *****   *****

I thank everyone who expressed an interest in reading this soft-boiled mystery, and offer a hearty
to the winners of Neshoto Junction Homicide.
Copies of the tradebook have been sent to these three winners:

Also, I want to thank Goodreads for offering members the opportunity to participate in their Giveaway program.

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