Wednesday, March 30, 2016

PAYING IT FORWARD: Author and Checker Maven Bob Newell

Not every person who invites me to join a writer's group is a master of his or her own universe. With Bob Newell, however, this is indeed the case. Bob has been blogging about Checkers and strategic checker moves for over a decade. To me, that makes him the master of the game. That he also writes short stories about checker-mysteries truly elevates his status in my eyes.

My reasons for thanking Bob in the "Paying It Forward" spotlight today have nothing to do with board games or sly moves, though.
When Bob invited me to join Waikiki Word Wranglers, his writer's group, I quickly accepted. How ideal to have local authors help me improve my writing, and in the shadow of Waikiki's iconic landmark Diamond Head, no less.
Over the months and years, this group has become 'Ohana, a family. Bob directs the meetings to keep everyone on track, notifying us of time or date changes along the way. For his group, he has chosen authors who write in various genres, are from diverse backgrounds, and hold very definite opinions on life in general.
Courting Jane
by Bob Newell
Available at Amazon

Before I published my latest novel, Bob agreed to do a read-through and offer any ideas for improvement. I was especially grateful for his comments and suggestions. He has a tendency to "tell it like it is." Serious writers know that honesty is the only advice worth receiving during the final editing process of a work-in-progress.

For Bob's expert advice, constant support, and good-hearted laughs over comfort food and drink such as poke (pronounced poe-key; raw ahi fish) bowls and frozen hot chocolate at gatherings around O'ahu, I say Mahalo plenty.

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