Sunday, September 11, 2016

POSSIBILITIES: Poem #44 from #AnotherNewBeginning


Happiness bubbles up from
a cauldron of endless possibilities,
giving rise to celebrations
only imagination can provide. 

At sunrise, reach for the sky
atop Mount Haleakala,
or from the comfort of
your own back yard. 

Drink sparkling liquid
laced with fresh-peeled lychee
while relaxing in the sensual
jet stream of a soothing hot tub. 

Hear the waves splashing along
Atlantic and Pacific shores; dance
flamenco in Madrid; enjoy the swans
in Brugge and Boston Common. 

All this, and more, isn’t
happiness realized;
knowing you can dream
is the true fulfillment. 

This is one of those prose poems that needs little explanation beyond the reader's own interpretation.

Pleasure is often derived from lingering upon memories that once brought happiness. But the knowledge that you can continue to find happiness in everyday life, without chasing rainbows or searching for pots of gold, is what truly matters.

Knowing that contentment is within easy reach, within yourself, is happiness realized.

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