Sunday, September 18, 2016

EVERY DAY, ANOTHER HOLIDAY #46, #47, and #48

Life has a way of moving forward, even when you feel you are making no progress. Each event is part of living. Not everyday can be a celebration or a holiday, and the troublesome times make the good times all that much better!

Good Life Ahead
Heliconia Blooming in the Backyard
Unpaid leave, hospital stay
then home, empty-handed again.
Cupboards lacking
Wallet bare. 

Part-time work, nights
at the old folks home.
Salted crackers and loose tea bags
From the commissary cart. 

One day you will be
rich as Midas, with golden
sunshine gracing the lanai and
mangoes ripening on the shelf. 

Every day, another holiday.
* * * * *
Another Holiday 
Her birthday and
opening day of fishing
clashed each year.
She said it did not matter when
they celebrated, or if the gift
was wrapped. 
The game continued
year to year:
he never forgetting to
plan ahead
she always joking that
one day the rules would change.
This year the same as last,
but different. Far beyond retired,
the fishing tackle sold.
The cake awash with surreal light,
they celebrate on Cloud 99.
Candles not required. 
This year the parents celebrated their 99th birthdays in heaven, surrounded by the brilliant light of many relatives and friends. Their marriage was a loving partnership that allowed disagreement and compromise as acceptable avenues of dialogue. They instinctive knew how to pick their battles.
 * * * * *
No Candles
Your special dessert, Auntie,
bring enough for everyone
Picnics in Neshotah Park;
Potluck; Easter on the farm. 
Memories accumulate.
The canvas fills with poppies,
like distant stars waking in
A shimmering sky. 
One final request,
if you have the time.
Can you bring
your special dessert, Auntie? 
I’ll wait for you.
A tribute to Auntie Lucille for her love-filled poppy seed cake with cream cheese frosting; and to Leigh for a final request fulfilled.
 * * * * *
This trilogy of linking poems is more personal than some of the other offerings of linking poetry within Another New Beginning. While each poem was written from remembered thoughts of past experiences, these three reflect a stir of memories accurately represented by a smile of sadness. Sad only because life is so fleeting and we don't become aware of its rapid passing until we look at it from a position of stillness.

With the sound turned off, every action has a new interpretation.  That thought just came to me and may not apply here, but I liked the feel of the words as they rolled around in my mind. Before you write  the final chapter of your life, before you ask for that special dessert, before you reach Cloud 99, take some time to turn the sound off in your hectic life and absorb the sight of a shimmering sky, the flavors of a favorite cake, conversation with a loved one, and turn your differences into a successful enterprise.

Enjoy the good life ahead, before you spend another holiday with no candles.

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