Friday, September 16, 2016

My #Goodreads Read and Review Challenge Week-47

This week, I have chose three diverse selections. One is a short book loaded with fascinating information about celebrities, the second is a mystery novel with an unusual setting, and the third is a Kindle World novella set on Valley Isle of Maui.

This is a short book, but it is packed with fun and interesting information about famous people and the contents of their wills. Attorney Una Tiers also gives sound advice to us lesser, or at least less wealthy, mortals about having a will and updating it in a timely fashion.

I was quite surprised to learn of certain wealthy people who died without a will.

The author also includes excerpts from her mystery novels. 

* * * * *
The setting for this mystery is a refreshing change from the streets of overpopulated cities or back alley bars where many murder mystery bad guys can be found on a Saturday night. Raveling gives the reader a front row seat to piano concerts after the grueling practice sessions of Leila Cates in her youth. Then comes center stage spotlight performances in Paris, and on Broadway. Her talent is unparalleled and her star rises ever higher as she leaves audiences awestruck. Or does she?
When the lifeless body of a performer is discovered and Leila is considered a person of interest in the police investigation, for good reason, she must confront the lies that led to her heady and headlining career. This coming of age novel, for all its rich musical scores and hard fought fame, lays bare the unavoidable ache of reality in most every life.    
* * * * *

DARK DAWN The Lei Crime Series (Kindle World Novella)
by Fiona Manning
If you haven't had an opportunity to read any Kindle World novellas yet, why not begin with The Lei Crime Series? I've read several, including Hoaka Moonshine by Laurie Hanan. Now Fiona Manning has submitted a novella that features Lei Texeira's partner Pono and his wife Tiare. What Lei doesn't realize is that wedding planner and eager matchmaker Tiare has Lei in her sights as a future bride. 
Tiare is less eager to deal with the schoolyard bullying that her nine-year-old daughter is experiencing. That the school was situated on the slopes of Haleakala on the paradise island of Maui didn't make it any easier to accept. Even worse, now her Auntie Keke is missing. Tiare, prepared to do anything to find the woman who raised her, prays through streaming tears that her favorite auntie isn't dead.
* * * * *
Next up: 

BONES NEVER LIE by Kathy Reichs
WEAKEST LINK by Fiona Quinn


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