Sunday, November 8, 2015

AN EXPLOSION OF POSSIBILITY: A Thimbleful of Happiness

Being alive means having the opportunity to accomplish, whether the goal is to sleep through the night or to save the world from imminent destruction. Absence of possibility is the black hole of despair. Accomplishing your goal is secondary - unless the goal involves something comparable to landing an airplane or crawling back out of that darn volcano caldera! 

I need to know that my efforts can produce results. Imagine working toward a goal that is impossible to reach, or that you’ve convinced yourself is impossible to reach (think 5 pounds). That goal sinks under its own self-defeating prophesy. 

But accepting the promise of a “maybe” or a “chance” inherent in hopes and dreams, I am eager to move forward. I continue to strive toward improvement in my craft, my art. Throughout the length of this process, I also understand that the completion of a goal does not deliver unending happiness. Life is a balance, the tragedies giving fuller meaning to the explosions of joy, the success, and the endless possibilities.
An Explosion of Possibility 
Success is a thimbleful
of happiness
A goal met or drawn near 
Promises, layered for buffer
raise hopes
Granting permission to go on 
Wishes meant for more than
empty dreams
guide the way forward 
An explosion of maybe’s;
chances are; and possibilities;
give purpose to life.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***



  1. I really like your phrase "an explosion of possibility"-- wow that kinda sounds like life, doesn't it?

  2. Loved your poem. It's good to have goals and dreams whether they happen or not. Hope is great thing.

  3. Yes, Karen, it is much like life! Thank you for visiting.
    Shelly, you are so right, hope is a great thing. Thanks for stopping by today!


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