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'Celebrating Bloggers' Blog Hop Sept 10-13, 2012

Celebrating Bloggers blog hop

Terri Giuliano Long is celebrating bloggers through this huge event during September, 2012.   Everyone who shares the event will be able to enter a draw to win a $50 Amazon gift card plus $50 for their chosen charity! (See entry form at bottom of post.)

First, I want to thank Terri for holding this Blog Hop to celebrate bloggers. Everyone, be sure to follow Terri on her blog: http://terriglong.com/blog/celebrating-bloggers/  and on Twitter: @tglong https://twitter.com/tglong

In November of 2010, I started my blog, an eclectic blend of topics focused on Mystery, both reading and writing. As a lifetime reader of the Mystery genre, and all sub-genres, including Cozy, Traditional Mystery, Police Procedural, Thriller, Suspense, Hard Core Detective, and what I call (and write) Soft Core Sleuth, I am never at a loss for reading material. It would be nice to say the same about time, but that often escapes me. 

In e-Book and p-Book

When I published my first Pepper Bibeau Mystery, fifteen book bloggers either invited me to guest blog, hosted me for an author interview, or read and reviewed the novel on their site. Since then, I have paid their generosity forward with interviews on my blog site. 

As of January 2012, I interview authors with my FAST FIVE Author Interview: 5-questions-plus-1 that give the author free rein to promote their latest novel or WIP-work in progress. The focus is on indie/self-published authors whose protagonist is a strong female character (open to interpretation with that in mind.) 

Though I don’t present book reviews on my blog site, I do submit reviews to Amazon and Goodreads where my blog posts appear regularly.

e-Book format on Kindle
As a member of Sisters in Crime National and President of Sisters in Crime/Hawaii, and as author of The Pepper Bibeau Mystery Series (first and second novels in series self-published; the third my newest WIP,) my days are filled with thoughts of mystery, suspense, and murder. My night time is filled with dreams of same!

In my opinion, blogging requires the same quality of research as writing a novel. People who read blog posts expect the material to have a basis in fact, fantasy blogs included. Even personal opinion bloggers present material based on research, whether the material was found in a library, read in a newspaper or book, or gathered during an exchange of ideas with a neighbor over the backyard fence at sunset. 

Speaking of sunset, I manage to slip in a personal haiku and photograph every so often to share my pleasure of living in Hawaii. A variation of the traditional Japanese Haiku is my own haiku of Hawaii, where the blend of seasons and changes in weather are more aptly demonstrated by shifts in wind: cool, refreshing Tradewinds from the East and hot Kona winds from the south; or by modifications in rainfall and threats of impending tsunami; and sunshine. 

Black feathery fronds
Tickle gold-washed Waikiki
Watchers line the beach

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  1. I blog so I can talk to peeps. And I read other blogs because I'm kind of nosey.

    Hugs and chocolate,


  2. Your Fast Five Author Interview sounds awesome! What a great way to promote indie authors! Also I love how you slip in haikus and photographs! It's so cool that you live in Hawaii. My mom lived there for a while. I tend to slip in photos of my cats with books now and then LOL!

  3. You are right - blogging needs a lot of reasearch, time & patience. Its quality over quantity:)

  4. I Love your flash five interview. I did something similar with one author and I need to dig out something so I can just whip up something neat. You guys are all amazing! I love blogging because I am an exhibitionist, masochist and voyeur!

  5. Ashley, that is what is so much fun about having your own blog, you can slip in something from left field (or right ... don't want to be politically incorrect here!) when you are in the mood! One of my Pinterest boards is labeled "Cats&Rats&Elephants, etc." and I love finding goofy pics of animals to add.

  6. Laxmi, sometimes I tend to chastise myself for falling behind in blogging but then remember just what you stated here, that it is quality over quantity.

    Besides, with 'Google Reader' people don't have to depend on memorizing what day everyone posts!

  7. Kriss, I was calling it FAST FIVE but not you've got me thinking that it would sound even better as FLASH FIVE! Hmmm. I am glad you found your niche in blogging!

    Shelly, thanks for visiting! I hopped over to your blog and commented yesterday and never got back to my blog to respond! I am still trying to decide if I like hugs or chocolate better and decided it's no contest ... really, it is no contest because you cannot compare the two! Luv 'em both.

  8. Our writing community is so generous with their love and support! You ladies rock! CHEERS! *clink*

  9. Thank you so much for taking part in Celebrating Bloggers, Gail! I loved your post - and thank you so much for that wonderful haiku!

    My best,

  10. Great post Gail and the haiku was good too.

    Yes, bloggers are pretty much doing a full-time job with the hours and research they must put into their posts. I have nothing but respect for all they have achieved and the support they continue to give to authors.

  11. Christina, Terri, and David, Thank you for visiting my site today! I'll be visiting blogs for the next week ... so many wonderful bloggers celebrating in Terri's blog hop!

  12. Stopping in from the hop!

    I've really enjoyed reading everyone's insights on blogging. It's very encouraging. ^_^

    Have a great day!


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