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Contributing for the Benefit of All: "Saving Hambone's Bacon"

Recently I read an enjoyable children-of-all-ages' book, Saving Hambone's Bacon. The book, written by fellow author and Hawaii resident, Julia Pace, highlights a theme that focuses on working together.

This theme reminded me of a demonstration given by a late-night talk show host who changed a flat bicycle tire on stage, a relatively unremarkable event until he stated that what he learned at age 13 - how to change a flat tire - was of use today. He then asked his virtual audience, "What did you learn in your youth that is useful to you today?"

The question requires a bit of thought and could easily lead a person down multiple rabbit holes while thinking back to one's younger days. Where it led me was to thoughts of my eighth-grade cheerleading squad. As a student in a newly constructed school with a small class of about 21 girls and boys, the teacher insisted that the cheering squad must include every girl in the class participating as a cheerleader for sports events - meaning: all or nothing. The lesson I learned then, that is useful today, is that everyone counts equally.

This is a lesson Julia Pace illustrates in her book, with humor and entertaining animal characters.   


My book review
Saving Hambone's Bacon

Young children are sure to enjoy reading this book and meeting the colorful farm animals, each having their own special magic to contribute for the benefit of all. Imagining the giggles this story will inspire was the most fun of all. The lesson about the importance of everyone is an added bonus - for young and old alike.

Saving Hambone's Bacon by Julia H. Pace
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  1. Reminds me of the book All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten. A lot of truth in that line!

    1. I agree, Karen. These books are great learning tools for young children.

  2. That is indeed a super useful life lesson.

  3. I agree, Nilanjana, and well-illustrated in the children's book. It's fun to look back to childhood days and recall life lessons learned (sometimes the hard way!)

  4. Not only have you made a very good point, you've introduced me to a book my little granddaughter would love to read. Thank you, Gail!

  5. Excellent, Keith. I am sure she will enjoy the story and illustrations.


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