Wednesday, March 3, 2021

LAND SHARKS by Katharine M. Nohr - Book Review

Review of  Katharine M. Nohr's novel Land Sharks

Protagonist and triathlete Zana West works as an attorney in a Honolulu law office where the front entrance is a fast-revolving door for young counselors. Katharine Nohr writes a captivating mystery-thriller that moves at a steady pace. Each scene builds with an undercurrent of suspense around a lawsuit involving a triathlon incident. Accident or murder?

While a subplot of a love interest in a tropical setting could turn cliché, Nohr surprises with unexpected twists that never allow the action to lose traction or cause the reader's interest to flag.

I purchased Land Sharks directly from the author when she appeared as a guest speaker at our Sisters in Crime/Hawaii meeting in Honolulu.

All of Katharine's books are available for purchase at -


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