Friday, March 31, 2017

UPDATE: March 31 Cover Reveal on Facebook for DARK PARADISE: An Anthology

A long time coming, our anthology of 17 Hawaiian mystery short stories has been in the planning stages for two years. On Monday, April 3, Friday, March 31 we will hold a "Cover Reveal" on our Facebook page for DARK PARADISE Mysteries in the Land of Aloha.
(The Facebook page DARK PARADISE goes live on March 31, 2017)

Plan to visit with us on Facebook, Friday, March 31. Along with the cover reveal, we will share some of the short story plotlines, details about the authors, and tidbits of writing information we've picked up along the way. We'll even hold a book giveaway.

The anthology, with a Foreword by author Toby Neal, will be released in trade book and ebook formats at Amazon. Each of the 17 mystery short stories is set in Hawai'i and all offer unique perspectives about living in Paradise (spoiler: it's not all rainbows and Mai Tais.)
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Each participant blogging  for the cover reveal will reveal a tidbit about their short story . . . without giving away the plot. You can visit each site listed below to get a sneak peek at what is lurking behind the fabulous DARK PARADISE cover!
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Gail's tidbit of information about Controlling Destiny, a mystery short story set in Hawai'i:
Freelance Reporter Cacao Janus knows few people choose to be homeless.
After the tragic death of a middle-aged woman living on the street,
Cacao decides to dig into the victim's background for answers.
The truth, as it unfolds, isn't pretty.

This is the third Cacao Janus mystery short story I've written for anthologies:
MYSTERY IN PARADISE 13 Tales of Suspense: Chinatown Conundrum
DARK PARADISE Mysteries in the Land of Aloha: Controlling Destiny

With this trilogy of short stories published, I will begin editing the first draft of the Cacao Janus novel, which I wrote during National Novel Writing Month in November 2013. The setting of the novel, as in the short stories, is Hawai'i.
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List of participants' websites:

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  1. Thanks for spearheading this great project and for allowing me to have a part in it!

  2. So much excitement, we have to move up the date to contain ourselves! Looking forward to the March 31 cover reveal.


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