Monday, March 20, 2017

#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal for 2017 FOOD FOR THOUGHT

Compiling 30 blog posts for the 30 #AtoZChallenge days of April, 2017 takes stamina and a desire for serious goal-setting. Thanks to Arlee Bird and Alex J. Cavanaugh, I've been able to sustain my interest in maintaining a blog site over the years. The April boost gives me energy for the 12 months to follow.

The theme I chose for this year is "Food For Thought." This way I can mention food (a main pastime for me, not to eat but to think about!) and to work in a thought about writing when appropriate. As I eat very little meat, and never the red kind, my thoughts usually focus on fresh fruits, bean-based meals, and quick snacks. So posting in April will have the added challenge for me of choosing foods that generate interesting and thought-provoking topics. Whether I succeed or not, April will be fun-filled as I travel from blog to blog, enjoying the entertainment of every other blogger's theme choice.
I'll be relaxing in a corner of my lanai, with a refreshing drink,
as I compile my #AtoZ posts for April, 2017

Look forward to visiting your blog very soon, and often!
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  1. Hi Gail. Well, you know what? I discovered the AtoZ Challenge through your blog, in 2014, when I started blogging. It's always special for me to visit your blog during this time.

    Thsi sounds a fantastic topic. I like food too (I love cooking), so I'm very curious to see what you'll duscuss in this month.
    Can't wait for the challenge to start :-)

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this with me, Sarah. I look forward to visiting your site throughout April also.


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