Sunday, August 14, 2016


Two beautiful sherbet-colored hibiscus
'Strength to Live' and 'Molding Destiny'
Following are two prose poems from my Renshi-style poetry collection, Strength to Live and Molding Destiny (the latter one probably my favorite of all 70 poems). Both reflect my thoughts about destiny and how a person must take control of their own life.
     These poems were originally posted during the April A to Z Blog Challenge. Immediately following the poems is an excerpt from my final post of the challenge Zealous Thoughts About Destiny.
Strength to Live 

Desire, Strength, Commitment
three separate paths
toward achieving success* 

Each path demands dedication
a lifetime of living
no distractions along the way 

Time is so short, even
dreaming must have purpose
when each day brings new challenges 

Hurdles appear insurmountable
as age takes its toll, leaving
destiny to mold and shape itself.
*The true meaning of success is in the minds’ eye of the beholder.
Molding Destiny

A fallacy,
both the molding

and the destiny

The master plan

includes free will,

without restriction
No ending
is pre-arranged
by calendar month:
Play here
Marry over there
Die on schedule
Rather: follow
what your heart
beats in time.
Although posting 26 times in one month has its drawbacks, the fun of feeling so productive is another reason I find such joy in writing on a daily basis. I have chosen my path, one filled with simple pleasures. In this, I have made my own destiny.
May you always have control of your destiny.
Keep looking up, and reach for the sky!

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