Friday, July 22, 2016

#AlohaFriday - Helping Homeless Halflings - Heartwarming!

Surf Waikiki June 2016
How is reading about the homeless going to put me in a happy mood on #AlohaFriday? I debated the question with myself for some time. The last way to perk up an end-of-week sagging mood would be to discuss folks living on the street. When this story came to my attention, though, I gave a hearty "Eureka!"

Because it is published in the Star*Advertiser Hawaii newspaper, it is possible not everyone will be able to access the article. For this reason I will not only include the link, I'll do a bit of paraphrasing about the story!

June 27, 2016
Hawaii News
Homeless keiki stoked on waves
By Dominique Times
(keiki is Hawaiian for child, offspring, descendent; pronounced kay-key)

Local children living in a family shelter were given surfing lessons on Waikiki Beach. This was part of a program sponsored by the Institute for Human Services' Children's Enrichment. The program was six weeks long, packed with activities aimed at building the kids' self-esteem while also serving as an educational program.

By the time "Big Wave Dave" led the group of kids fifteen feet offshore, they were ready to catch their own waves -- riding "with big grins all the way to the shore."

I hope you can access the article for all the informative and heartwarming information provided about these beautiful people who are spending time with the kids, and the kids themselves!

Some of Gail's Personal "Aloha Off-Shore Views"

Photos on the wall at Duke's Barefoot Bar of the original
Waikiki Beach boys
Admiring the fancy surfboards (with Flat Lucy!)


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