Friday, October 2, 2015

THE MELODY LINGERS ON: #FridayReview 1 of 71

My goal is to read and review 71 books between October, 2015 and October, 2016. Not all reviews will be confined to stories in the mystery genre, though I may lean heavier in that direction. My eclectic reading list ranges from first-in-series self-published novels to the classics. At the end of each review, I will list the next book slated for review. I begin with a mystery.

Mary Higgins Clark
The Melody Lingers On


I started reading Mary Higgins Clark with her first published suspense novel, Where Are The Children. She hooked me on the first chapter. I went on to read a dozen or more of her novels over the years.
At some point, I stopped reading her stories but not because the writing lagged. She has always maintained a high quality in her writing style and level of tension. She understands what her readers want in the way of a mystery, and she consistently delivers. My tastes may have changed or I needed to experience new writers as a means of learning the craft of writing. I believe it is Stephen King who advocates that if you don’t read, you can’t write. 

Over the years, having already devoured all of Robert Ludlum’s books, and impatiently awaiting the next gunslinger novel from Stephen King (oh, the endless wait!), I “discovered” John Sandford, Sue Grafton, Michael Connelly, Tess Gerritson, Kathy Reich, James Lee Burke . . . the list is also never ending. 

But all roads lead back to the Queen of Mystery, Mary Higgins Clark. 

As I read the opening chapter of The Melody Lingers On, I felt the draw of Clark’s first novels, such as The Cradle Will Fall and Weep No More, My Lady. She builds suspense slowly, allowing the reader to absorb each newly introduced character before asking them to draw an opinion or conclusion. Villains and heroes are treated evenly, making it difficult to determine which is which. My indecision always keeps me reading to learn more. 

If you have ever been on the wrong end of some sadistic person’s scheme to derive pleasure from cheating others, you will relate, as I did, to this suspense-filled novel. With such a personal investment in the story, the hook is set, and you will find that reading this novel from cover to cover is inevitable.

Next up for review is:

Moloka‘i by Alan Brennert



  1. I used to read her books in high school.

  2. Shelly, that is probably when I started to read her books. I thought I had "outgrown" her work, but I guess I just needed a break. I really enjoyed this novel.


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