Sunday, October 11, 2015


My inspiration to write a book of poetry came from meeting four special local poets. I felt the excitement in their voices as they spoke of the steps involved in producing individual works for their published book of poetry. I enjoyed hearing them recite the poems live and listening to their complete recital of the full collection of poetry on compact disc. The following appears in my own publication:


My book of poems, ANOTHER NEW BEGINNING, is fashioned after renshi, a Japanese form of linked poetry. Each poem’s title is suggested by the ending of the previous entry. My first introduction to this form of poetry was through Ann Inoshita, a local poet invited by author Michael Little to speak at a monthly writers group meeting in Honolulu (currently Hawaii Fiction Writers.) 

Ann read excerpts from a book of poems she and three other local poets published with Bamboo Press in 2008. Ann shared her knowledge of the Japanese poetry called renshi. Some months later, Ann’s fellow poets joined her at another meeting to give a reading from their book entitled: 

No Choice but to Follow

This book includes a CD featuring the authors reading their poetry, each taking their turn in the order of how they originally wrote and submitted their poems, one per month for twelve months. 
The fascinating concept that defines renshi poetry gave me the idea to write 70 poems in 70 days to recapture some of the high- and low-light experiences of my first 70 years here on God’s green Earth.

To these four talented poets, I offer a special Mahalo Nui for their exceptional presentations, amazing talents, and selfless inspiration.
You were indeed my true north for this project. 
Ann Inoshita
Juliet S. Kono
Jean Yamasaki Toyama
Christy Passion
Me ke aloha,

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Beginning October 18, 2015, and each succeeding Sunday for 70 weeks, my internet blogsite will feature a poem from ANOTHER NEW BEGINNING. A short observation, sometimes informative, other times humorous, will accompany the poem, along with a complementary photograph.

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  1. I started my writing life writing poetry...that's some hard stuff to write! I have a feeling yours is about a milion times better than mine was.

  2. Stephanie, when poetry is written from the heart, it is always perfect. Writing poetry is liberating because you are free to be yourself!


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