Wednesday, March 5, 2014


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It is often tempting to slip into the role of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, to pretend I am the master of my universe, capable of accomplishing anything from bungee cord somersaults and helicopter jeep-drops to Samurai stick-fighting and barefoot Alaskan dog-sledding. Then I hit a brick wall of reality that sets me back on my heels, creating indecision and uncertainty. 

As I struggle with my latest WIP, searching not for a 5000-year-old key to time management but for simple direction, my confidence wavers and insecurity tunnels ever deeper. Of course, all doubt needs fuel for sustenance, and self-pity is a consistent, ever-replenishing supply source.
Soon, rather than continuing to wallow, I realize a reward is in order for all that I have already accomplished. I apply a quick swipe of make-up, slip into a "non-writerly"' (i.e.: clean and unwrinkled) set of clothes, and head for the monthly Honolulu ‘EAT THE STREET’ food wagon round-up down on South Street. This month’s theme is Chocolate, and I plan to indulge!
Everyone knows chocolate is a much better source of fuel than self-pity for sustaining a healthy mind and body, and that is why I plan to reward myself . . .
raw cacao beans;
cacao beans whipped into a paste;
extreme - chocolate on beef sandwich;
ultimate - truffles

wait for it . . .



until the cacaos come home.



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