Monday, March 24, 2014

2014: An Ode to #AtoZChallenge


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‘Tis the week before A-ToZ’
And all ‘round the world
Stressed bloggers are panicked
If truth now be told
Some posts are pre-written
And ready for view
A, B, and C, mostly
A few up to Q
Then out pops that brick wall
Of re-al-i-ty:
Be-hind eSS trails yoU
And eXe follows Vee 
What’s left yet to scribble?
A Quixotic mess
Can usufruct* save me?
That’s anyone’s guess!
Take stock and breathe deeply
It’s only a game
No “Hunger” rules dictate
And nothing draws shame 
Showers of April bring
May flowers of glee
Bright tunnel’s-end strobe lights
Declare Victory!”
*Usufruct - the legal right to use and enjoy the benefits and profits of something belonging to another
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