Monday, December 2, 2013


November was a busy month for me. I participated in NaNoWriMo2013 and am a WINNER; co-published an anthology of stories by 13 authors; and put the finishing touches on the novel I started during last year's NaNoWriMo and will publish at the end of this week, December 7, which is my protagonist’s birth date.

Accomplishing that many projects took some interesting juggling of time. Each morning I was up and writing before six o'clock to get in my quota of words for the NaNoWriMo manuscript. I didn’t always reach my goal, but there was always the Saturday write-ins at Ward Warehouse’s Paina Cafe in Honolulu. The camaraderie, and pasta at The Spaghetti Factory during break, helped me move the story forward and reach my word count of 50,000 words on November 29th.
Several hours each day were spent on editing, revising, and formatting my third novel in the Pepper Bibeau mystery series, WITH FIERY VENGEANCE Anger Burns Deep. With assistance and encouragement from critters, beta readers, and editor, I was able to mold the NaNoWriMo2012 manuscript into an exciting story that I am proud to publish.
The anthology, MYSTERY IN PARADISE 13 Tales of Suspense, was a group project with local writers. The short stories are mysteries set in Hawaii:  
From cozy mystery to classic crime, from gumshoe to urban noir, MYSTERY IN PARADISE is a collection of twisted, heart-pumping tales of suspense in all its guises. These 13 utterly unforgettable stories by 13 of the hottest authors to hit Hawai`i’s literary scene are sure to leave you with chicken skin as they take you on a ride through the seamier side of Paradise.

The e-Book is available NOW on Amazon,
and the trade book is coming soon!
Is this mynah bird to die for?
Special thanks go out to contributing author, Laurie Hanan,
for photographing the scenes and designing the cover for
13 Tales of Suspense

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