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In the third novel of the series, Pepper Bibeau returns to Hawaii to visit her son on the Big Island and attend a wedding. The vacation is meant to be a time of healing for her son’s father, and relaxation for the family. Instead, unfolding events reveal Pepper’s inner strengths, and a guilty weakness.

Insurance Investigator Pepper Bibeau returns to Hawaii in December, 1972, where a vengeful stalker shadows her from Island to Island. While in Hawi on the Big Island, to visit her fourteen-year-old son and attend her cousin's wedding, Pepper discovers a body on the blood-soaked back seat of an abandoned classic Woody. A poorly executed plan of a local police detective fails to trap a suspect, who then flees to Oˋahu. 

When a Wisconsin woman is injured in an accident on Oˋahu, and the husband threatens to sue his insurance company, Pepper's assignment is to get his signature on a medical insurance release form. After the suspect in Hawi flees to the labyrinth of Honolulu's Chinatown, Pepper follows. Her plan is simple: settle the medical insurance claim, and flush out the suspect. 

Personal strife, unexplained deaths, and ghostly events are interwoven with the burning anger of a father who has lost all reason. With the sanity of a killer in question, Pepper must fight to save her family, and herself. 

WITH FIERY VENGEANCE Anger Burns Deep is a soft-boiled Mystery wrapped in a Traditional Cozy, an enjoyable read for those quick breaks between all the holiday activities.
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