Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saucy Saturday with Chinese Hibiscus

Many of my better ideas originate in that space of time between sleep and full wakefulness in the morning. The idea for Saucy Saturday blog posts was one such thought that grew from dream proportions to reality. Once the idea was fairly well developed, I flipped back the blanket (yes, the temperature does drop overnight in Hawaii) and hopped out of bed.

After researching the word in the dictionary, I took up the thesaurus to get my foggy brain around the concept of saucy. Not only did I learn that the word can be applied to a variety of situations but that those "concept" numbers after the long list of words are there for a purpose. I actually followed up and discovered that saucy is considered a communicative quality as well as an attribute of behavior. With a list of synonyms as long as my arm to offer inspiration, I am good to go for an entire year of Saturdays.

The saucy words I chose for today, listed in the Concept Index under communicative qualities, are "genuine" and "indescribable." Both words, genuine - as in natural, and indescribable - beyond words, perfectly describe the ubiquitous Chinese Hibiscus flowers that illustrate my haiku below. I took this picture in Queen Kapiolani Park, near Waikiki, shortly after I moved to Hawaii. Each time I see these flowers, I can't help but smile back.

Twin Hibiscus smile
Queen Kapiolani Park
Sunlight on their face


  1. Such a gorgeous photo! And I love "saucy Saturdays"!

  2. I love sauces, both simple and compound. And flowers.

  3. Thanks Susie, glad you like the title! I plan to have some fun with it.

    Anthony, you are introducing us to your humorous side today!

    Thank you both for visiting.

  4. I love Haiku, it's such an intriguing form of verse. Yours is outstanding and the flowers are just breathtaking.

  5. Thanks, Melissa. I'm not much of a photographer but with flowers like these it is hard to go wrong.


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